Cry From The Heart – Kenyans Stop Whining, UhuRuto Ain’t Giving a Damn!!

UhuRuto are becoming a thorn in the flesh. Since President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto took over the helm of Kenya’s leadership, for a short period many Kenyans were made to believe that Kenya is going to be transformed in leaps and bounds… but it was never to be. An empty promise that all Kenyans were fooled to believe is true!

Since Jubilee took over, there have been two edges created in Kenya. One, The Rich and two, The Poor. Unfortunately, for a government supposed to bridge the gap between the two, has been widened and situations made better to the rich and worse to the poor – The rich are becoming more richer and the poor becoming poorer. The rich doesn’t feel the pinch of VAT bills and everything but there’s an unemployed youth who has nothing to afford food or rent.

Pre-elections pledges, now is realised to be the tricks Jubilee used to lure in young people. The supposed-to-be digital government has turned more of analogue, rather manual by recycling the old and retired and rejected political people like Muthaura (for LAPSSET), Matu Wamae (head of KCC – Did entire Rift Valley, largest producer of milk to KCC, lacked a man or woman to head our own, just to be slapped in the face to accept an old man from Kikuyuni?)… have made it even more of Manual than analogue. LAPSSET project, which will siphon trillions of money from the Kenyan taxpayer, whose living has been compromised by corruption, high cost of living, VAT’s, PAYE, insecurity, unemployment, etc that are not being addressed, but rendered to be worse than it is now.

Attaching KSH 1.3 trillion (from previous 220.9 billion) to make a railway is lack of focus and preference on priority tasks requiring urgent actions in Kenya. This cash could have been used on burning issues. Northern part of Kenya is dry, they need boreholes be drilled, set up irrigational schemes and implementation of farming, so that they can depend on themselves rather than depending on NGO’s aids that supplies them food but not on regular basis. Other priority sectors include insecurity, unemployment, food insecurity, poverty, name them!


And why should Jubilee government start using all these billions to railway projects, yet Kenyans are still wallowing in abject poverty, hunger, insecurity, unemployment? Why?



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