The Trending Business in Nandi Hills, Nandi East – Nandi County.

Nandi Hills in Nandi East, Nandi County is the leading supplier of construction bricks. This blooming business is done mostly by the locals – Nandis.

Many of them employ two to four brick-makers who are majorly immigrants. Luhya and Luo immigrants rely on making bricks to supply themselves a daily bread.

Luhyas do the mud mixing like its their favourite hobby, but locals believe they smoke ‘a seed’ before immersing themselves to bathing with mud that is set to produce one thousands bricks and more in one phase. This business has attracted many because sales are made almost on daily basis, amounting to not less than Ksh 21,000 per trip.

Nandi community has seen increase in revenue as hundreds of them sell bricks everyday. Brick-making business is ran competitively for each and everyone doing the business to be financially stable like his/her counterparts!

Mogoiywet, for example has been a hub of bricks sales since 2009, when the area assistant chief started concentrating in increasing supply to nearby Tea Estates.

Currently civil and constructions engineers, Foremen, Fundis etc have relied on Nandi Hills for quality bricks, especially taken from Mogoiywet.

In this regard, poverty eradication is now a budding developmental strategy that will see Nandi Hills develop and prosper in economy, adding other sources of income realised from Tea Outgrowers, plucking, farming etc spread all around Nandi Hills and outskirts.

Brick-making procedure

The first day involves digging out the soil and mixing with water until a large uniform mud is obtained.

The second day involves minor mixing and brick droppings placed in a two-holed rectangular box with sided handles.

Wet brick are dropped on the flat ground until fairly dry, before arranging the oven and burning overnight… after which the bricks are ready for sell.

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