My Mother Loves Me


The Love of Mum 

In the beginning, God created heavens and earth and on His last day of creation, was Adam and Eve. God admitted that everything He has MADE was beautiful and of course God loved it. So I am sure that the essence of love is God, and God’s love is First & True, when no one had known what love is.

Down in this world, therefore, all of us have known what love is and loved others and others have loved us. In this regard, I’ve been showered with the best of love and I just felt the need to scribble down about it – My Mother’s Love.

Pictured centre above, my mother loves me so so much. It is the only true love I’ve ever  experienced in this world by people! She, as old and tired as she is, ensures that I’ve all the basic needs I require as his son, despite the difficulties and challenges!

From cheap necessities like food to expensive needs like paying my schooling fees and college upkeep. Amazing is the fact that she doesn’t have a pay slip like others who do on monthly basis.

I realized that she doesn’t like me going moody, so she becomes very restless every time I am angry or totally silent! One time, her restlessness broke into tears and that has always been my lowest moments! I love her and I always pray for her that God may strengthen and prosper her through all her endeavors!

She calls me even at the oddest hour to ask how I’m. One thing she will never pause a minute calling me is when I’m traveling home!  She always  calls after every 10 minutes to ask “Kaiitu ano? ” (Where have you reached?)

Despite me answering and telling her that I will call and notify her when I alight in the hometown or neighborhood,  she persists!

I remember one time I was mad at her, to even blocking her number on my way home so that I reduce her frequently asked questions and calls. But days and weeks and months later on, I came to realize that this was MUM’S LOVE.

Being her only son, I always strive to make her happy, especially through my education that she bleeds thousands of money to contain and maintain me in school. I have done it so several times, when I beat all my classmates and coursemates in examinations. Seeing her smile is my satisfaction and assurance that I am progressive and prosperous in life. My mother loves to see me doing so!

Her advice and teachings have made me view life in a different angle. Her Do’s and Don’ts have seen me sail camly through the storms of life in one piece and peace!

A family of two, is my elder sister who is loved and cared as well, despite her having made her own home and family few kilometers away! Two of us have depended on mum in everything we have always wanted, and she’s never let anyone of us down.

The Only Siz


I thank both mum and Siz for everything they’ve done for me. I know they see me up there somewhere in recent future, and I promise that am NOT going to let them down! I appreciate the fact that am the flag bearer of the family, and with God’s guidance, I will fulfill my purpose of the family and of my own life.
I love my family


Everything I do, everywhere I go, I purpose to do the best and bore the best fruits.

We’re friends, best friends and family! 

Glory To God.

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