Giving Back & Making a Difference

Nandi Hills is home to many renowned heroes and heroines. One such evidence for this lovely land in the Kalenjin community is the cradle and sacred burial site for the Kalenjin leader and seer Koitaleel Arap Samoei. I like the idea of what is going to be a great museum. (I’ll blog this up separately).

What makes me very happy is the fact that I’ve taken up a task to blog about this community! And when I relax and rest in a shade or where I am comfortable, I browse my articles and within no time, another story is up on my mind and immediately down to my site.

It might be funny as a little thing to do, to volunteer for a community just by getting anything worthy up in the internet! I am now among those representing Nandi Hills Community online, giving it the constant online presence it deserves.  I deal so much on creating contents about the vulnerable children and individuals, their hardships and suffering, culture and events, and therefore seek help for them (vulnerable children, the poor and PLWHA) from the internet donors/well-wishers, raising funds through donations,  advocating and engaging local leaders to play their roles and develop this community.

Helping also involves volunteering in a community garden, farms or any developmental projects and such kind of programs. This category is for both locals and visitors who are interested in getting their hands dirty to give a smile and save a life.

Furthermore, I also thought of how I can strengthen its economy. Now I also pay attention on the Economic Businesses of this community by uploading their products e.g  Tea Farms and Estates and describing their businesses, hopefully to get an interested or a potential buyer, hence building economic power of Nandi Hills – Mogoiywet.

Possible? I will do it. I like it so and I enjoy this services I am rendering to my home. This is a passion. It fulfills my desire to give back to the unique society and people who brought me up and nurtured me to whom I am today. I also use my knowledge, experience and skills in technology and so I better myself as well.

Donate Now

Please give to the needy children in Mogoiywet centre. They lack food, shoes, clothes, medicine etc. Tell them a story and the smile on their faces will bear a great impact!

For adults, some parents are living positive and they are unable to provide adequately to these children. This has led to early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, HIV & Aids infections, school drop outs and involvement into drugs and substance abuse. Many teens are alcoholic and violence related cases counts every day. Me and you can do something to make a difference. Your prayers too are highly appreciated. Thank you.

I’m working on setting up a secure and simple donation template on this blog, meanwhile you can contact us for any information.

Alternatively, pay us a visit in Nandi Hills Town, Mogoiywet Centre/village!

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13 thoughts on “Giving Back & Making a Difference

  1. Thanks for the good concern. May God touch the hearts of well wishers to support as am also under the same problem and not able to support financialy.


    1. Thank You Elvis… Your Comment Has Shown Great Support. Kindly Bookmark This Site For Newer Posts and Subscribe With Your Email – To Get The New Posts Emailed You Directly.

      Welcome Friend.


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