The Conspiracy and the Rush Hour of Title Deeds in Nandi Hills – Chebarus Cooperative

The Nandi Farmers meeting that was held at Griffins Academy – Kipriria, had the following agenda;

1. Title Deeds Progress
2. Officials Elections
3. AOB.

The meeting (that I personally attended-a bit late) had all the items of agenda discussed, but new officials were not elected, because it was mentioned that the release of Chebarus Title Deeds are almost out, therefore there was no need for new elections.

Nandi farmers, for more than a decade ago, have made numerous meetings, series of payments, surveying lands, numbering plots, changing names of ownerships among other endless issues that have always engulfed the Title Deeds of this land.

Our great grand parents hustled and bustled, ran up and down and dug deep their pockets jingling their two three or four precious coins, for land independence and ownership evident with a title deed… but it all became fruitless, null and void.

As if that was  not enough, a conspiracy was born – Munching the farmers money in the name of title deeds or land lose. This conspiracy grew in leaps and bounds and this begot the famous Land Rush and Title Deeds despair, by desperate farmers calling the leaders to bring the land ownership documents.

Grand parent ran the Rush, parents did and here we’re – the children “Rushing” for this precious document.

This is what made me sad, mad and bad

I slowly and respectfully approached Mr. Lel – an official responsible for Kaplelmet and Mogoiywet farmers. Without helping, he directed me to face the Chairman since my case (and many other farmers’) was  a bit complicated – in that I wanted a plot number and change the name, if there was any assigned to the land.

Before I approached the chairman, my eyes glanced to this kind of famous man, who once contested for Member of County Representative for Nandi Hills – Arap Sum. My friend and neighbour who was walking with me told me that Arap Sum was an official and he maybe of help. I gave it a shot.

Alas!! I began to see Conspiracy and Corruption taking its course in a broad day light. After him knowing my home and my parent, he mentioned a ridiculous of Ksh 6,000 amount that I should pay. Previously, I had asked fellow farmers and friends the total amount they’ve spent and it ranged from KSH 1,000 to 3,000. Seeing that he mentioned a high amount in front of people, he asked for my telephone number for ‘later business’.

Yes he did called but I later disagreed his demands. Which surveyor visits a farmer at 6.14PM in the evening for land measurement?

I left Sum for the chairman and with a smile we went to the office and found Mr. Tarus (whom I believe will help me out) we had a brief talk that made me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My fury is the punishment we as farmers have undergone with leaders taking advantage of this. I detest unspecified high amounts of money charged- today for Surveyors, tomorrow for Plot No…

The love of money is the root of all evil – the Bible says. And since some officials have demonstrated signs of corruption and embezzlement of public funds, CHANGE is needed. Let’s change this conspiracy and save our farmers and lands from the jaws of death.


The Difference

It is not only in Nandi Hills that this happens. Even in the USA. The difference is, in Kenya Land Run is happening in 2014 but in United States in Oklahoma, it was in 1889.

In Oklahoma, settlers were called “sooner” but in Kenya, ‘Squatters’.

“…A number of the people who participated in the run entered the unoccupied land early and hid there until the legal time of entry to lay quick claim to some of the most choice homesteads. These people came to be identified as ” Sooners .” This led to hundreds of legal contests that arose and were decided first at local land offices and eventually by the U.S. Department of the Interior . Arguments included what constituted the “legal
time of entry.” While some people think that the settlers who entered the territory at the legally
appointed time were known as “boomers,” the term actually refers to those who campaigned for the opening of the lands

>> Read more on this brief history


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