Nandi Hills Constituency – Urban and Rural Roads Network Expansions

Rural Road Making

The County Government of Nandi celebrates Devolution as an agent of transformation. The county dubbed “the source of champions” and the “cradle land of Kenyan running” has developed and commenced remarkable developmental programs. Key and top in the agenda programs are Provision of piped water, Modernization of Kipchoge Stadium in Kapsabet, Improvement of Kapsabet and Nandi Hills Urban and Rural Roads Networks, among others.

Regardless of hills, valleys, rivers, and minor irregular terrain, Nandi Hills Constituency – Nandi Hills town has seen considerable rural roads expansion.

This Road Construction has enhanced transportation in Nandi Hills and reduced road accidents. Businesses like boda boda that would otherwise be threatened by poor roads and damages are now good, up and running following the renovations.

Urban Roads Renovations and Sidewalks Expansions

TWANG Technologies LTD took up the contract of the Main Tarmac Road renovations. From Awasi to Chemelil (Round-about) along Nandi Hills – Kisumu Highway, TWANG are in the final stages of laying top layer of expanded tarmac concrete in Kimwani towards Kupere. Nandi Hills through Nandi Hills Kapsabet Rd is complete.

Rural Roads Creation and Expanding Networks

I can attest to some good work going on. Rural roads are not building themselves. The county is slowly but surely gathering the needed impetus that will catapult it to a greater pace. Kimolonik, Keteng, Kaplelmet roads to join Nandi Hills Kericho highway, significantly cutting on time and distance.

  – Arap Meli

The Last Negative Statement on Wikipedia about Nandi Hills

With the latest developments in Nandi County, I hope our leaders Alfred Ketter and Samwel Sawe, MP and MCA respectively,  can work together to change the below negative statement that has been written in the Worlds’ most famous online encyclopedia – Wikipedia. 

The economy of Nandi Hills relies mainly on surrounding tea estates. Many people work on tea farms as pluckers, managers, field maintenance, factory service works, official duties and business. Nandi Hills town has barely a tarmac street despite a lot of taxes accrued from tea farms.



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