My April Internet Breakthrough: Blog Readership, Stats and Posts

My April 2014 Archive in my blog has given me hopes in internet publishing, freelancing, audience readership, reach-out and imminent fulfillment of personal and communual Vision and Mission as I’ve stated on V4P site of what I’d want my community be.





In this April of 2014, I personally made more than 15 comprehensive posts than any other month since I started Blogging. I also raised my game in using social media for sharing my posts and as a result, my site registered highest internet traffic I’ve never experienced before and my blog stats graph was up and up!

Apart from blog statistics, I received comments from other bloggers and readers that liked my contents and couldn’t help but post a complementary comments, especially one from Arap Meli, author and Tech enthusiast of Kapsirma Blog.

Apart from external comments, I made own internal comments, known as Pingbacks. A pingback appears as a comment below the post when you link to that post from another post. I made more than 15 internal pingbacks in order to make my readers enjoy related articles in one single post!!

I furthermore accumulated related contents in My Categories and kept it few at most 4 in number, for simplicity of my site navigation and tidings. For vote4poor, there are
>>Poverty-action and
>>Uncategorized, which contains random articles that I’ve not yet categorized.

In Dismotech, I made only two categories;
(a) General and
(b) Technology.

Nevertheless, I got international friends that we share the same blogging interests. These followers, some of which I’ve made contacts with, decided to follow my blog for one among other reasons; Never Miss A New Post From Dismotech and Vote4poor Sites.

Just to highlight a few… Jaroslaw of Play With Life, Don Charisma of Home of Don Charisma,  and Joe Seeber of Mindset among others.

I thank you buddies and I like your sites so much.

I concentrated on articles peculiarly for Nandi Hills Community, which I try to help people out by writing their unposken challenges as well as promote this community’s local  resource potential – businesses, locally available resources and economic products, but I’m not even halfway doing so!

Some of the Articles I Made Include The Following in Summary Links (Follow links for more);

1. My Mother Loves Me

2. Giving Back and Making a Difference

3. Bye Summer Welcome Winter

4. KPLC Buying Electric Poles

5. Rush Hour of Title Deeds – Conspiracy

6. Urban and Rural Roads Expansion

7. Cradle Land of World-Running

8. Governer Opens Kimolonik Rural Road

9. The Mystery of Titles and

10. Freedom With Ksh 150,000

11. Chebarus Auction Centre

12. Titles Deeds – Chebarus Cooperative

14. Kalenjin Singles, Love and Wealth

15. Wonderful Community

I haven’t made all the untold stories, challenges and products present online, for possible support from Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding or other internet donor-capables.


10 thoughts on “My April Internet Breakthrough: Blog Readership, Stats and Posts

  1. Keep up the good work. By highlighting crucial issues in the society, you are in effect promoting awareness and educating the society on the priorities it ought to tackle if progress is to be realized. You have a world ahead to conquer.


  2. Thanks. I am in the process of making online presence of what I ought to do and attract support. The next phase is to get people plug into something physical! Its possible if we all do this together. Having a session with Youth and Women Support Groups and laying down progressive programs will be a good starting point. Attending a Community baraza or a school and sharing an inspirational talk and/or create awareness in matters affecting us, and how best to conquer… will definitely have positive impact!

    As you engage in comments and sharing the stories/links online, you help me reach out, and this is the chief reason my cause is coming true. Let’s do this together, and Nandi Hills will have a village or two shining!


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  4. me loving your vibrant skills and talent in writing. surely you are a writer and can tell the untold stories of life….all the best in your work @Dismotech.


    1. Thank you Saleiy… Am encouraged and motivated. Keep visiting this site for more articles majority of which are inclined for youth empowerment. Remember to subscribe by mail to get updates from emails.

      Thanks again.


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