Happy Mums’ Day, MARY.

Mum, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Mum I Love You So Much. You’re Wonderful. I Mean I’ve Never Seen One Like You. You Play The Roles More Than You’ve To, Because Multi-Parenthood Is No Joke But Thanks To God Because The Three Of Us; You, Siz and Me Are Very Happy. God Has Blessed You in Abundance. We’ve Been Successful and Prosperous In Our Lives… And We Will Continue Shining! 

I Pray For You Mama. May God Always Protect You And Increase You in Leaps and Bounds. May You Live Long, Longer For The Love Of My Elder Sister and Me. I’m Sure You Love Us Even More, and This Is Evident With Years You’ve Raised Us – With Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education etc, ALONE. I Just Cannot Name All Of Them. I Lost Count. Your Hardwork Has Been and Will Always Be My Inspiration.


I Promise You That I WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY, As Far As My Efforts Will Allow. You’re One Unique In The World Of Loving And Caring Mothers. You’ve Given Us A Home. Double Parenting. Life. Love. Recognition. Family.

Thank You.

Mama There Are No Words In This World That Can Perfectly Describe My Love And Happiness For You. Only God Knows.

God Bless You. Happy Mothers Day!! 🙂


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