Living Below the Line

Poverty Eradition activities in one community after another is paramount in developing countries. I’m eying support in the near future too towards Vote4poor in Nandi Hills Community, Mogoiywet Centre.

VGen Australia

Over the past week, NSW Schools Mentor, Claire took the challenge of  Live Below the Line  to raise awareness for extreme poverty and raise money for Oaktree’s causes in Cambodia.

Partaking in Live Below the Line for the first time was considerably more challenging than I initially thought. For example, I was stuck eating rice whilst watching my friends eat triple chocolate brownies, and not being able to order anything on the menu at my favourite restaurant. Furthermore, due to poor planning, I ate half of my food by Tuesday. Despite being somewhat hungry the rest of the week, it enabled me to be empathetic to the one in eight people who go to bed hungry every night.

Yet I know living on $2 a day for five days was worth it as the donations are going towards education in East Timor, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. Live Below the…

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