Success of The First Legion of My Voluntary Service – JFA


So far so good, it has been a wonderful and successful week of remarkable experience to volunteer at Junior Faith Academy in Mogoiywet Village. For the best of time and life, doing a thing or two to positively impact the community or even just a single kid… is a moment of a legacy in life made  by lighting up a dream of a God’s creation. It doesn’t matter how, either with material or by word of prayer, a change or upward transformation  of life is due.

I taught kids under 11 years in Class Two and Three. These classes were combined because their population was still growing. A week full of pens, Mathematics instruments,  illustrations, examples, exercises, explainations, homeworks and many more, was one experience I’ll live with happily. At times a concept was easy to grasp, at times hard. I loved it all.

The very first day, Day 1 of experience, was a little bit easy for I only taught two subjects; Science and Social Studies. The link above and this one provide in-depth events of the day and how my class lesson unfolded.

After the first day, I did not posted any other article for the second, third…. days until its now a week. I hereby brief a summary of consequent days of teaching.


Thursday; Second day was characterised with a chilly morning. Pupils heavy with cold-resistant sweaters and jackets, became active throughout the morning Maths lesson. The rest of day, a bit sunny, was good for Swahili and Science subjects and that called it a day.

Friday; I was a bit harsh, I remember. I realized that children pay attention more when the teacher is a bit harsh. Is this true?

Monday; This was a lively funny class. I thought, on Social Studies, Child Abuse and Protection. I taught Child Abuse at Home, Child Abuse at School and finally Protection From Child Abuse – What To Do. I decided never to finish my volunteer service without touching about GOD. I taught C.R.E – Christian Religious Education and I remember teaching about Care For Plants and Care For Animals, and how God cares for them all.

Tuesday; I can’t forget this day. It was my first day doing experiments with kids in Science lesson. Practicals are vital for learning especially for young children. Topic of the lesson was SOIL. We learnt different types of soil and this sent us outside the classroom to fetch all the types of soil. We got them. I kept them in their classroom for reference, if need be. 🙂 The rest of the lessons were normal.

Wednesday; Final day. Winding up without God’s teachings and spiritual upbringing is not good. I started with Swahili, English and Maths. Apart from all those subjects, I finished my day and my voluntary with Christian Religious Education, with the last topic: How God Cares For His Creation. Wonderful starting and ending with Alpha and Omega.

Even it being a Private School, pupils in this primary are alike with those in public schools. It is the school of many families living in Mogoiywet centre in which it features temporary houses, high population….

Volunteer too… Let’s Make A Difference.

Comments Made About Me
Some teachers hailed my talented teaching, even asking some methods of dealing with Baby Class. I believe in diagramamatical representation, deep and repeated explainations accompanied by few guided and unguided exercises, with language suitable for the class.

I am sure my class is a legion of success.

Pupils Playing

Sampled Comments Made By Kids…

You’re tall. You teach us slowly until we understand. You don’t beat us like (name witheld). You don’t like dirty work. Your English speaking is good (fluent). We love you. You like changing your shoes, so tomorrow wear another different colour (I did!!). You like changing clothes. You love us.You’ve good handwriting. Your Swahili is ‘sweet’. You crack jokes and make us smile. Your phone is big. You teach us from morning to evening alone. You give simple exercises.  You like smiling so much. And much more…

My Class Pupils

I loved the children, they loved me and today Wednesday I bid them bye. I am finishing my voluntary service and just waiting for a Recommendation Letter from JFA Director. However hard they find it hard to accept that I’m moving out their school, its fair for me to have a little rest and rush back to campus to wind up my Tech Course.


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