Caution To The People of Nandi Hills

Seven deadly sins as expressed  by one great Mahatma Gandhi, are issues that should not creep into Nandi Hills Community, or any other in the world.

Maize Plantation

Here are the Seven Deadly Sin….

Wealth without work;

Pleasure without conscience;

Science without humanity;

Knowledge without character;

Politics without principle;

Commerce without morality;

Worship without sacrifice.

“They say politics is just a measure of public opinion teaches my Collective Behavior Lecturer. I lifted the script from a friend. Dedicated to the people of Nandi living around Nandi Hills the stretch of Mugundoi to ends of Kapnyemis cutting across the undulating green tea hills. 

If our great grandparents who strode Kapngetuny like Colossus, fought the British army for a decade and lost through treachery resurrected today, they would wonder at how effeminate a typical Nandi has become with the enormous changes it undergoned.

After their egwugwu meeting, they would resolve to caution us thus: 

1. If your children continue dropping out of school after circumcision, you will continue importing leaders. When a boy has money, men run his errands. 

2. If you will not seek economic empowerment, leaders shall always be imposed. No pride in poverty. 

If the indiscriminate land selling doesn’t stop, soon you shall be in the UNESCO list of endangered tribes. 

If you resist every change without evaluating it, you will be rendered irrelevant. Not every change is bad.

You must unite in things that improve your lives. Like uniting to build schools,dips, water distribution etc. Voting as a block serves an individual and is not a good definition of unity.

Be part of the country called Kenya. Every culture, tribe or religion is important in our existence. God loves others equally. After delivering this, they’ll shake their heads and ask to disappear back to the Underworld. ”

Source: Bundotich Walter Blog



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Avoiding such of the above “deadly sins” and cautions, our community will expand in leaps and bounds. We will have more of economic empowerment, among others.

Examples Include

1. Successful Brick Making

2. Animal Auctioning

3. Green Fields of “Bonus” and Fortune


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