3 Divisions at Home – Caution of Rifts in The Rift Valley

Current divisions in Kalenjin community risk catastrophic violence to the one known most united and peaceful tribe in the Republic Kenya. Our reputation, our peace, love and unity is at stake for one reason; divisive politics!

Kalenjin community is currently politically divided into three factions: The factions below are in discord, and their divided opinions continue expanding the rift in the Rift Valley.

Afred Keter Condemns National Govt.

1. Team Alfred Keter.
(Alfred Ketter is Nandi Hills MP) .

Alfred Keter shoot to fame during the Standard Gauge Railway, when UhuRuto overpriced the tender way too much, and the MP, among other leaders and Kenyans, were very furious about it, terming it a biggest,  grand corruption scandal in Kenya, and first in Jubilee government.  He was the the leader of critics on that tender and currently many Kenyans have believed him.

#TeamKeter is allegedly the faction with the  highest population.  Most members in this group are those who are not satisfied with the current government. They are against the sacking and transfer of kalenjin men and women from the civil service and other public offices; with the latest saga being Rugut, the Director of NYS (National Youth Service) ‘transfered’ down to Secretary of Sports.

The leader in this group being Hon. Alfred Keter is supported by almost half of the community members, majority being the youth and the university graduates. 

This division is against Deputy President William Ruto (and of course Uhuru) for betraying Kalenjin Community in the national government for corruption, Uhuru’s nepotic appointments (favouring Kikuyus alone) and latest transfers and demotion of Kalenjins occupying public offices. Ruto  has since  broken his silence amid pressure from the public (largely from Kalenjins) by accepting that him and President Uhuru Kenyatta are responsible for the transfer of Kiplimo Rugut from the National Youth Service (NYS), and not Cabinet Secretary for Devolution, Waiguru, who almost faced impeachment from national leaders.

…. “Anyone who has a problem with that transfer should ask us, and not Waiguru,” Ruto said, adding “matters of transfers and promotions of civil servants are the prerogative of the Public Service Commission and the Presidency, but not cabinet secretaries.” Waiguru has been under fire from a section of leaders, who accuse her of transferring Rugut without following due process, as required by law. “Such transfers are normal in the civil service, there is nothing peculiar with this particular one,” he said. He spoke days after Jubilee Coalition Leaders in Parliament distanced themselves from a Motion seeking to remove the Cabinet Secretary from office over the transfer.

2.Team Raila Odinga. 

This group consist of members who are mostly elderly people and the fewest young who in a way benefited in the last government regime especially from former Prime Minister. Beneficiaries like, for instance Henry Kosgey and the young being Dr. Magerer Lang’at. This faction inclines to CORD, though hopeless of Kenya’s leadership. This is because this group view Raila more as an image of Kenyan problems–He has not been able to give practical solutions to problems facing Kenya today. He has always played the role of a whistle blower for political benefits thus becoming part of the problem rather than being part of the solutions… like one wrote on Facebook;

Raila and Kalonzo should join the Jubilee Government in order to address problems affecting Kenyans instead of shouting on the rooftops condemning the government without offering an alternative solution.

This group seems bored because CORD leaders don’t have sufficient numbers in the government to impeach anyone or pass any motion. However, this population is growing gradually following the believable criticism upon the blunders happening in the current government. Failure to fight terror, Misapproriation of public funds (like 1.4b of AngloLeasing Pay), and, obviously corruption.

3. Team William Samoei Ruto.

This group sings solidarity behind WSR for one vital reason: ICC case.

They are praying for Hague withdrawal. Favours rise from this faction too because of the Kass FM’s Joshua Arap Sang sympathy, facing similar charges in ICC with Ruto. Most of the members in this group are the beneficiaries of the current government and those who are loyal to WSR. Most of its members, though not satisfied, hope the best is yet to come. This group of die hard supporters are mainly influenced by popularity of Deputy Ruto only, as opposed to the popularity by actions. A small portion of them are not aware about the current affairs inside Jubilee government.

This Ruto-group diminishes every day for obvious reasons.

Another Caution-Not in Rift Valley but Nandi Hills.

…. The above three divisions are inevitable in our Kalenjin soil. Let us unite and remain the famously united, peaceful community that opinions count in local all the way up to the national government.
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