Attention : Changes In My Blog URL – Arise Nandi

Attention – Bloggers, Followers, Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Visiters and Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen, After critical and expound thinking, I’ve taken a bold step to change my blog address from previous to This  laudatory changes is to bring out the conclusive real meaning to obvious – Arise Nandi.


I’ve also changed the Site Title and Tag Line to be Arising The Nandi Community Together and My Passion, Hobby & Love To People and Things I Care About respectively. My Site Title and Tag Line just explains my reasons for Blogging about Nandi Community, and at times beyond borders, if I’ve to. See “Beyond Borders” Category in Categories section below for articles out of Nandi Hills.

Allow me to break down the new name into two parts.


This means to stand, rise and shine.

The First Reason

I used this word because I am primarily Blogging to Arise my community, Nandi Hills to move and rise up above challenges, conflicts and such vices like these, in various ways among them alleviating poverty by economic empowerment, education, inspiration and advocating for the vulnerable.

The Second Reason

Arise, if you read all the letters as they’re, you’ll mention a Kalenjin word “arise” that means “I add” or “I increase more“.

Therefore, what I am doing online – representing my community in the blogosphere from a developmental perspective – is the exact meaning of the Kalenjin word ‘arise’ as states this mission and the vision here. Also in consideration is physical involvement on the ground as well as reaching out to help children e.g. in nearby ECDs.


Nandi, or (Nandi Hills) is thus the name of the place, the community I am in and the one I am the agent of change to.

The First Reason…

Nandi Hills, my hometown and is beautifully serene home of undulating hills that stretch far and wide – across Meswo, Chepkunyuk, Kipsebwo, Ketbarak, Kaplelmet, Siret, Kapsimatwo to Tambul, Chesangor and Chemelil, among others. 

The Second Reason…

It is the attractive place where there is 12 wonders corners, biggest roundabout in East Africa, has been considered a Cradle Land for the World Running. A place that vices should not erode. It is a place that deserves constant empowerment in ways that alleviate poverty among other methods, for it is obvious that Nandi Hills will yield to this, and the final impacts can stun residents or even the country if not the world.

Just like our athletes who have perplexed the world and rocked the Guiness Book of Records one time too many, have their homes and roots in Nandi Hills!

The previous name – Vote4poor – will not die away though. I will retain the name but in another blog in Tumblr namely, that receives posts automatically from AriseNandi and Dismotech blogs into its feeds, the latest post being My Passion, My Hobby, My Responsibility- explaining further on me and what I do for Nandi Hills.


The aroma of green tea that stretch in thick, bold and thin is what fills the air if you decide to take a walk in the Nandi Hills, and you surely will marvel tea pickers with their huge baskets who harvest the valuable leafs in unbelievable speed.

As the Nandi hills stands, it sustains the beautiful green tables of huge tea plantations in million of hactares to companies and individual farms, famously known as Outgrowers. Nandi Tea Estates, Eastern Produce Kenya (EPK), Williamson Tea, among others comprise of tea companies that have skyrocketed wealth and employment in agriculture-favouring Nandi Hills.

Where the vegetations permits a view into the distance, the panorama of the plains and the valleys far below is just stunning.

Choices have consequences

Effects Of Changes.

Dear Followers, there consequences I will suffer from these changes. First of all, my Page Ranking will drop to Zero. That means even Googling up my site may be hard unless you type the full address as
So I am going to start up building my traffic afresh.

My previous SEO is lost.

Links will keep working well, but only those with visible prefixes. All other previous links will not work again.

I apologize for any inconvenience brought about by changes and feel free to give your feedback on any issue you’ve experienced here.

Please Share This to your social media site, or kindly Reblog (Press This) it.


7 thoughts on “Attention : Changes In My Blog URL – Arise Nandi

  1. I would like to understand more of the economic activities in Nandi County, is it possible to get current info? Much appreciated.


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