My Journey To Nakuru – First Time

I sat in the back seat. To my left was a lady in red tight trouser and a black buttoned blouse. Her big black China phone was a nuisance to me. It made a lot of noise with a notification tone saying “Excuse Me Boss, You’ve a Text Message”. It was loud, and persistent.

Right side sat a composed man who sounded like an Engineer or a Contractor. I made this assumptions through what he kept saying on the phone. Things to do with buildings and constructions actually.

I was sitting on the fence when this journey came up in the first place for I was busy with the latest changes on my site and such. Later, after few consultations I decided to travel. I passed several suburbs along the famous Uganda Road, but in this context I’ll call it Eldoret – Nakuru Highway.

I was anxious to see Burnt Forest and the famous Sach-ang’wan.

Through the bus window panes, I was able to see cluster of mass forests areas. Actually if I was to make Forest Data Analysis, I’ll sample out that Eldoret – Nakuru Highway and environs is more than 49 % forested, and particularly dense in Timboroa. Largest timber company in the area, Timsales Ltd is situated along the highway!

Sach-angw’an is the 4 cross-section junction that I had only heard in the News as rampant with accidents. Sach-ang’wan is a Kalenjin word meaning four cross-sections. Significantly noting is the “black spot” region that has been singled out by residents, drivers, riders, cyclists and common pedestrians to be the most dangerous section in accidents.  Sadly in this black spot, is believed to be from Sach-angwan to Salgaa, approximately 10 kilometers apart.

I was shown the Sach-ang’wan Mass Grave Site that retired president Mwai Kibaki buried, among other mourners, bodies of hundreds of Kenyans that lost their lives by petroleum fire, from a fallen tanker that was ferrying some 50,000 litres of unleaded petrol that was headed for Juba in Southern Sudan, overturned about 32 kilometres west of Nakuru town killing 123 people. That was back in 2009.

Sadly on our way back, on the same spot we found a carelessly parked long lorry on the road, at night without any kind of lights on, as we were traveling back from Nakuru to Molo. 

Talking of Molo, I didn’t see the whole factory, only the roof, but I glanced at Molo Milk Cooling Plant sign post, in Molo daytime as I was heading to Naks (alias for Nakuru). This great milk products produced here made me think about similar potentials of My Home Nandi Hills and other such alike businesses deemed for economic empowerment.

Another observation I made  about Salgaa (Paint home in Kalenjin) had the highest numbers of parked lorries. I heard it has many entertainment clubs, though it’s a small centre.

I learnt new Road Signs that I’ve never seen before. “Climbing Lane”. I realized one major feature about this road symbol. It is 150 meters long. It is designed as an expansion on either sides of the road and are alternating sideways. The vehicle passing must divert to the Climbing Lane where it starts and back again to the main road at where it ends.

In The CBD
Nakuru Central Business District

I saw Industrial Area not far from Kiamunyi. This area had the following industries: Spin-Knit, Menengai that’s situated directly opposite to EverReady and many others. Just few meters ahead, I saw the largest Mall. Nakumatt WestMill Mall. I was attending an interview in RobinSon Sec Ltd for the official work in the company and immediately attended training session that was ongoing. This is because optimism has been part of me, and I knew that I was going to win, and I won. I worked hard and smart because the earnings I’ll get from the post would be a resource back at home, as people call it – Giving back to the society and making a difference. I finished the whole process and went on to meet a friend in Merica Hotel next to Nyayo Gardens. Duke, previous college mate and course mate as well,  took me around the CBD and showed me places. Our first college, Regions Group College has its campus in the town. I saw it, among other places. I accompanied him to a duty he was abruptly called for, and so this meant that I was getting to know more places. 

Robinson Sec LTD

58, State House (Government Buildings homing presidents of Kenya during Nakuru visits, functions)  Naivas Super, Lanet Military School, Shiners Girls and Greensteds International School. I saw these place along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway on our rush to Roots Academy to install CCTV Cameras. We successfully installed 16 video CCTVs.

Dismoh and Duke installing CCTVs

Nakuru is a good town, but I still have a bias for Eldoret.

Am back to THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS. My journey took me a day and half. Am really tired now. Am going to take a nap.

Thank You for reading. Keep coming.

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