A letter to My MP – Alfred Ketter

Dear Sir,

I hope you’re super fine wherever you are and this letter actually reaches you.

I want to take this golden time to appreciate your latest involvement and the dealings with the national issues that you’ve been on the forefront giving advice, critics and the calling of integrity in implementing government critical business, citing that the government of Kenya, parastatals and all civil servants must follow  correct procedures as required by law and the constitution in signing contracts, hiring, purchasing or leasing/lending goods and services in and out of the country.

Congratulations Mheshimiwa for this shows that you’ve Kenyans’ best interest at heart, as you really fight tooth and nail for accountability in this country. I assure you that you made many friends, especially the common mwananchi. I bet.

Mheshimiwa, please allow me to narrow it down, away from the national matters to County Governments. Let me narrow it down again a bit more to Constituencies, and even more narrower to my landing point – Nandi Hills Constituency. Home it sounds, right Sir? Karibu nyumbani.

Yes, welcome. You’ve been quite out for sometime now, actually busy with the new county government trying your best to settle various departments that concerns your office. That’s good.The reason why I am calling you home, to grassroots frankly, is to initiate and complete developments that we need as the people in Nandi Hills Constituency. Don’t forget that it is about one year and a half that you’ve been in office among other leaders and its like 3 years left to dissolve parliament and consequently another elections to occur. The remaining time is very little that implies there might be undone or incomplete pledges you made. Let me give an example of a centre I come from; No electrity supply yet!

It’s a high time now sir that politics are to be kept at bay and let actions do the talking instead. I know you can’t act alone but along with the governor, senator and MCA, and getting them into a common ground can be a task. But do it. Unite yourselves first and set pledges into actions with combined efforts for time is running out.

Talking about unity, I remember writing on this blog about rifts in the rift valley, having 3 divisions, your team having  considerable numbers. But that’s not what we will rest at and just cross our legs and fold our arms that “Yes, things are allright.” Our house needs unity for us to sing and dance to the same tune as Kalenjin, and this is another key reason why I am calling upon your intervention to come home and close in on the cracks before it escalates further.

Still on unity, you may recall some differences (which are always there, by the way) between residents of Nandi Hills and those of Lessos, but the good thing is the people here no longer tolerate conflicts. So having you around can better things up.

What I’ll suggest you pay attention pretty much is Nandi Hills town and outskirts, because previously residents here had cited inadequate distribution of resources implying that the retired long serving MP – Henry Kosgei, perhaps, defiantly discriminated Nandi Hills.

Can you be the change that people had waited for long? Start working with us.

Nandi Hills town may not be the headquarters of Nandi County, but this towns’ historic relevance is key to unity and prosperity of the Nandis. Just to mention but a little evidence “The scenic area is known for its tea estates and is home to many world-renowned athletes, including Kipchoge Keino, Wilson Kipketer, Janeth Jepkosgei, Augustine Choge, Wilfred Bungei, Henry Rono and Mike Boit. There is a small town named Nandi Hills, the “cradle land of Kenyan running”. The area is mostly inhabited by the Nandi people.” That’s according to Wikipedia, worlds’ largest online encyclopedia.

Respond to this letter, Sir.

Nevertheless, it is historically the battle field and celebration centre that the Nandis won the war of oppression against the colonialism. His grave, the great seer and the wise leader of the entire Kalenjin people, Koitaleel Arap Samoei lies sealed in Kapng’etuny within the Nandi Hills CBD. Retired president Mwai Kibaki came to Nandi Hills to pay tribute to Nandi in the graveyard.

Sir, why can’t we do it to ourselves now with you leaders, celebrate, wine and dine together and remind ourselves about the victory we had through UNITY?

The Nandi Hills museum Mheshimiwa, is stagnating, yet its situated where we had our final success. Imagine how this will earn back the revenue if we complete it. I’ll love to see tourists playing golf at Nandi Bears Club and watching the scenics of Old Huts at the museum, among others.

Let me end it here, but I’ll encourage you to subscribe to this blog and keep visiting for new posts and updates from the Great Nandi Hills.

But before you leave, click here to know about ARISE NANDI, and  you may like to support this project that aims to empower Nandi Hills in various ways.


15 thoughts on “A letter to My MP – Alfred Ketter

  1. Wow, such an insightful letter. It has the ‘it’ factor, though i dont know if Mr. Ketter will come across it. Anyway, kudos ma nigga.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mate for your comment and the complement. If Ketter doesn’t come across it, I’ll be grateful I had several friends who did, and even commented, like you!! The “it” factor you mentioned got me unawares bro!! 😉


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