Purity Kirui For Gold, Milcah Chemos For Silver, Joan For Bronze

Purity Cherotich Kirui, Milcah Chemos Cheywa and Joan Kipkemoi has made us Kalenjins happy, proud and successful by bringing home Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals respectively after winning 2014 Commonwealth games in Glasgow in Women 3,000 meters Steeplechase.

Purity Kirui led Kenya with a clean sweep in the women’s 3000 meters steeplechase at a time of 9:30.96. Milcah was second and Joan Kipkemoi finishes third.

This is a success story brought in by our brilliant ladies in the world of athletics. Previously, we had seen men dominate the top rankings of our homeland athletes but this time ladies are emerging thick and fast to top ranks as well.

How athletes give back to the society is simply amazing, like Tecla Lorupe, Kipchoge Keino among others did. This is a wonderful progress for balancing wealth and fame in our Kalenjin community.

Finishing Speed

Keep up the good work of bringing home success and rating Kalenjin up above others all over the world, for Track Sports! This not only change our way and standard of life, but it also minimizes obstacles or boundaries  to prosperity.

Apart from making The Kalenjin Community a proud “Cradle Land of the World-running“, the Kenyan flag and the National Anthem that rocked the air in Glasgow’s atmosphere, was evidence that Kenya is a great country of prosperity locally and internationally.

For this first time in Commonwealth Games history, Kenya claimed a clean sweep of the medals in the women’s 10,000m. Florence Kiplagat, Joyce Chepkirui and Emily Chebet
broke clear with six laps remaining and they were still locked together with just 200m left. Then, former world cross-country and world half marathon champion Kiplagat made a kick for home.

This is a wake up call to Kenyan  government to make life favourable to our athletes to avoid changing of nationalisms by our very dear athletes, (like that of Oregon) just because the Government is heavily taxing them and not rewarding them enough like they reward their corrupt cartels and deals.

Victory - Flying Kenya High

As Federation of Kenyan Athletes (FKA) up their sleeves to face IAAF in negotiations of Athletes and Athletic ethic, rules and regulations, Kenyan Government should join efforts to see our athletes are well kept care of and not exploited either internally or externally.

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5 thoughts on “Purity Kirui For Gold, Milcah Chemos For Silver, Joan For Bronze

    1. Hello Semper, thanks for reading and commenting on the above Success Story! About Nandi and Kalenjin, I mention them both because they’re two sides of the same coin. Nandi is inside Kalenjin, and is also “the first born tribe!”

      Or what do you see? suggest? or correct in my site? I’d really love to know!


        1. Yes they do… In fact its a Kipsigis who gave me the information that in the entire Kalenjin, Nandis rule as “First Borns” I am Kalenjin myself and I love all the Kalenjin tribes. Though I blog on the day to day activities, challenges, events, seasons and news…… I stick more to Nandi Hills that’s my hometown and community that I was raised up!


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