David Tarus – The Nandi County Priority Areas

The following POST was posted by David Tarus in BIKAP NANDI COUNTY Facebook Group. It highlights priority areas of development highly needed in our beloved county.

If you ask me about a university in Nandi, I will say no for now. The priority at the moment should be to establish and equip technical polytechnics in in all the sub-locations. This is actually the genesis of meaningful development in Nandi, it will makes sense of the devolved resources including revolving funds such as Uwezo, CDF and other funds available currently at the grass roots, as it will enhance both entrepreneurial skills and create business opportunities. At the same time, make Nandi County a brook of skilled manpower and innovation.   

Therefore, a University now is a
luxury rather than a necessity.
In the next 10-30 years, there will be tremendous growth in Real Estate, Manufacturing, increased mechanization, use of ICT, trade and movement of goods and services. These will need skilled manpower. If Nandi County is not going to invest in building a robust skill-based manpower that will be able to facilitate these activities someone somewhere will have to come and do it. The earlier we anticipate some of these things, the better.  

Appropriate strategies will be the answer. Nandi County leadership ought to be keen on some of these issues. We can also bark from the periphery, hopefully the echoes of our voices may reach the bedroom of the master.

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2 thoughts on “David Tarus – The Nandi County Priority Areas

  1. It s true utilization of resources should be put under concern cox i see even the govt funds like UWEZO,WEF AND CDF not tat mch functioning in our beloved county..tat stl leaves us behind as we have resources but can not be exploited.


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