Being a Chebarus Society Squatter – The Hectic Era & Four Solutions

With two intentionally failed consecutive meetings that were planned for August 2014 by the Land Committee of Chebarus Farmers choosen and mandated to oversee the release of Title Deeds in Nandi Hills, is enough evidence of failure, corrupt leadership and unknown future of Title Deeds in Chebarus Society.

A definite sign of a dark end – and an era has come up for circular agenda of repetitive complaints, repetitive payments, repetitive debts, repetitive propaganda, repetitive failures, repetitive land rents conspiracy (like this one here), repetitive this… repetitive that.

First Day

Men, women, old and young came from distant locations to attend the first meeting that was scheduled on13th August and venued in Mogoiywet Village.  A meeting that was heard far and wide that Nandi East District Officer will attend, did not feature, and it never went down well with those attendees who came and went back to their homes – Saddened. Betrayed.

Second Day

Without posters, letters, radio announcements, or a running cab with loud speakers mounted to spread the news across the villages, and without adequate and reliable source of information, the meeting was postponed because D.O and Chebarus Committee/Officials did not come. The next meeting was said to be held, not in Mogoiywet again, but this time in Kipriria Academy – whose director David Yego is the Chairman of the Chebarus Farmers. This was dated 20th August, just a week after the failed previous. Farmers went there in numbers because the Mogoiywet one missed. Guess what?

Alas! Again this one failed! David Yego with the farmers present agreed to postpone to 28th of the same month again due to the un-attendance of the Nandi Hills D. O. and few other officials.

The situation escalated and turned fury and furious than hell, leaving a bad taste in the farmers’ mouth who went back home – Saddened. Betrayed.

Third Day

28th August 2014.

This was agreed. Few desperate farmers came and this time the D.O attended.

In the land complaints discussions, D. O asserted that the lands without complaints should be issued with Title Deeds while those with complaints and cases still in court should wait until finology of their rulings are made.

To the shock of all, everyone was aked to pay a two-year rent to County for every piece of land “owned” by a squatter in Chebarus Society. One ‘point’ (plot)  was Ksh 10 per year multiple with number of such plots for the whole land.

Many said no due to numerous historical payments that all the farmers paid and promised month after month, year after year that Deeds will be issued to them.

I lost count of years that Chebarus farmers have been paying “kodi chebo mbareniik”. When this payments started off, promises of owning Deeds were imminent, only to be rumoured later that one of the officials – Simion Lel, used farmers’ cash to build up a house and bought a pick-up car. 

Too bad the habit is back again?

In the meeting, a wise fellow farmer asked about  Ksh 150,000 that Nandi County Governor Cleophas Lagat paid for us in Kimoolonik when he was opening the Kimoolonik Grand Rural Road network.

Chairman David Yego responded bitterly and sarcastic,

asking the farmer to go by himself to follow Hon Cleophas Lagat wherever he’s to give him 150K money for Chebarus,

implying that they haven’t received or cashed the cheque yet. Either way, officials reiterated that farmers would resort to rental payments of their lands, for Title Deeds to be released someday in future.

Who is fooling who?

One official, Arap Tarus the teacher, who seem to agree with most farmers urged the meeting to calm and change the  attitude of pessimism and said that its time adjust our thinking!


This indeed posed a challenge to me to be determined to find solutions that will turn our lives around in Nandi Community by speaking the same language, sing and dance to the same tune.

I think we should change the officials and refuse the lies that there was no need because Deeds were almost out. If we get newer aggressive officials,  we’ll be surprised at the breakthroughs and solutions that will come our way to the success of our rightful land ownerships.

Let’s unite and believe in ourselves and put forth our best efforts and create the mindset of possibilities, facilitated by our County Government leaders and newly chosen land officials, if at all we’ll do it. Nandi County Priorities must be given a number one in the current to-do list.

Let’s make it a point to avoid negative conversations with people who will drag us down and get us off course from the right path to Land Ownership and Land Freedom.


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