Mogoiywet Electric Poles and Holes – Power With Us

Finally,  this has come. The light that seemed dim and far away is now right here lighting the several dark villages in Mogoiywet and outskirts communities in just days.

Mogoiywet Electric Poles and Holes

In April this big village generously sold tens of electric poles to KPLC and has always been the centre of business operations from several major sorrounding villages of Kipkimba, Kibogi, Chebarus, Kimolooniik, Kaplelmet and back to Kapchileey.

Mogoiywet will be the first big surburb serving the town of Nandi Hills along Nandi Hills – Kericho – Kisumu highway, despite the obvious neglect of developing Nandi by the national government.

Tens and tens of electric poles have been offloaded in this centre and waiting to be arose along their holes to Kimooloniik Primary School, where it is the first recepient of power as it was qouted by the Governor and the school Committee chaired by Laban Kosgei and the group, that Nandi County Governer Hon Cleophas Lagat promised during this event.

Electric Poles in Mogoiywet

Mogoiywet village/centre is the largest centre in this niche with the highest population. There are hundreds and hundreds of rental houses both in permanent and temporary structures.

Our tenants will experience upgrade of their rooms or entire buildings reconstructed permanently. Several other temporary houses will require renovations or complete destruction for new permanent buildings with effect of electric power supplies to various land lords and ladies.

What May Delay Power Supply

Mogoiywet Centre has not been surveyed by the County Land Commissions   therefore the Physical Planning of the centre is not clearly known. Public roads, dump sites, pathways, market place, public parks etc are not known. This will in turn delay Kenya Power and Lighting Company to pick places to construct and lay their power machines. This may hit the area badly due to County’s misplaced priorities.

Section of Mogoiywet


Rural electrification will go on unchallenged because rural areas doesn’t have such mentioned public amenities. I am lucky!


1. Increased Rent

Land ladies and land lords who’ll apply for electricity and electrify their rentals will increase rent. Several rooms in these rentals are very spacious and monthly rent will range from Ksh 1,500 to 2,500 and above for self contained rooms. 

2. Houses reconstruction and renovation

Likely to face Renovations or Reconstruction

Mud and iron sheet walled houses may face a major reconstruction and renovations following the electric power supply. This will immediately take effect with availability of cash and resources required for the success of the named results. 

3. Rise in business start-ups and improved economy

Electricity will trigger and stimulate economic activities in Mogoiywet Centre of Operations. Rise in barber shops, Cinemas, Lodges and Restaurants, online jobs… will be among these businesses.

4. Increased Security

Security lights are always the norm in every household, streets and compounds. With power supplied across the centre, residents will enjoy security lights that will keep burglars and such at bay.

5. Increase in social, economic and politcal awareness

Power will make several individuals to buy Television sets and other electronic gadgets that they will be able to enjoy and increase usage indoors, due to available power.

         G E T         I N V O L V E D 

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