The 6 Conspiracies Under Samoei Boys Fire Inferno Exposed

Twice was the Samoei Boys dormitories burnt down and wrecked havoc beyond salvage,  in just a difference of 4 days.

On the silent night of Wednesday 3rd September at around 8.30PM, two dormitories were gutted down by fire. On 7th of the same month, just four days when the School Management Committee were trying to come to terms with the first tragedy, another dorm was up in flames!

Samoei Boys is the major and among the leading Provincial schools in Rift Valley Province and now in the Nandi County. Unfortunate closure of the school is indefinite as investigation continues to seek every nook and cranny to ascertain the nitty gritties of the incident, led by Nandi Hills chief Paul Tirop.

The conspiracy behind the fire inferno burning down three dormitories in Samoei Boys Secondary School twice in a span of 4 days is evidence of a looming danger in Nandi Hills, if electric faults is nothing to go by.

Burning Dorm at Night - Photo/Courtesy


1. Political Wars/Political Enemies of Development

Perhaps some previous competitors who might still be suffering the pain of losing in the leadership race, and maybe forming revenge protocols are connected to this tragedy.

Gideon Birgen, the Head of Communications in Nandi County  termed the fires “regrettable”, and said, “The governor has called for investigations. We suspect foul play. The alleged ‘electric faults’ are too coincidental” Gideon Birgen added,

“Construction of the university will not see the closing down of the school. They will both co-exist on the same land; those are fears of the enemies of development”.

2. Electric Faults

Electric wiring was recently done in the school and, perhaps for wrong connections or naked wires, sparks erupted causing fire.

“Samples of ashes from the burned dormitories have been taken to the Government laboratories to ascertain the
possible causes of the fires,”

said an official with the investigation team.

The school was closed indefinitely after 298 students were displaced.
School Principal Francis Saina said,

“We could no longer vouch for the students’ safety as they are currently without proper housing. Our initial suspicions about electric faults no longer hold water. We suspect foul play and have called all investigation agencies to unravel the mystery behind the fires”.

3. Jelousy of upcoming Koitaleel Samoei University

When Koitaleel Samoei University was proposed to be built in Samoei Boys, quick critics ensued. Some people said that Samoei Boys was not the right designated location, since Kapkagaroon was already been suggested long time ago. I remember I once saw a University Sign Post at Nandi Hills junction about a University in Kapkagaroon several years ago which was later removed by people I don’t know.

Then Tindireet Member of Parliament Henry Kosgei allegedly owning thousands of hactares in Kapkagaroon land refused to let out the land for university construction. The land was occupied by tea plantation (until now) and residents of Nandi wanted to forcefully burn the tea to set up university foundations.

4. Myths of Wraths By The Late Nandi Seer Koitaleel Arap Samoei

The late great Nandi Orkoiyoot (Seer), Koitaleel Arap Samoei was killed and laid to RIP in Nandi Hills, few meters to Samoei Boys, the Proposed location of Koitaleel Samoei University. Wrath, for the residents who mentioned it, believe he is sad because much has not been to Nandi as deserved by the government, like the mystery of title deeds that has made locals remain squatters, and using his name for the university could’ve been allowed with a kind of ritual and/or an anniversary in his remembrance, in Nandi Hills Kapng’etuny where his graveyard lies clear.

Nandi Hills is historical grounds of victory of all the external attacks to Nandis during colonial period, and the key person to Nandi successes was Samoei the Orkoiyioot. A brief ceremony deserves to be done, as asserted by some.

Burnt Dormitry. :- Photo/Courtesy

5. Delay Tricks Played By Current County Leaders

Like national government tricks, governor and/or other county leaders may want to plot incidences of delay, so that they build it halfway few months before a new election, just to find a reason to tell people that they “recently” did this and that therefore they should re-elect the leader back with two reasons:-

(a) To finish initiated projects or buildings.

(b) To do more as seen on the (delayed but) recent developments.

6. Underground Separatists – New Nandi Militia in The Making

We never knew how Alshabab penetrated the Kenyan border and hundreds of towns and police check points to Nairobi City’s largest mall – Westgate, a stone throw to State House!

Are some in Nandi Hills? Not really. Laxity of security forces to curb terror and related crimes have given fame the formations of criminal groups that sing and dance insecurity!

Perhaps some warriors or group of people are teaming up underground to bring disorder in the community’s key areas of development, bringing Samoei fire tragedy into instance.

Are there any other conspiracy left out? let me know through this form now.

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5 thoughts on “The 6 Conspiracies Under Samoei Boys Fire Inferno Exposed

  1. Reblogged this on Dismotech Solutions and commented:

    The reason why we need to upscale security. Recently Kenyans and the Media have been celebrating Westgate Heroes, One Year after the siege. This was led by First Lady Margeret Kenyatta by supporting the victims who were most affected.

    On the other hand… my plea to national government is to strategize National Security.

    If Westgate terrorists held Kenya at a standstill for 4 good days (with thousands of Kenyan military, and rocket launchers, grenades, guns etc), and the recently stolen president’s BMW, means that security is low down dead.

    Anonymous too, hacked Deputy President’s account and twitter military accounts! And this story below is another reason why…


    1. Hello Dennis, thanks for coming in and adding your views. Check out more wonderful articles in this site and let’s know your views, along with other amazing online community of Arise Nandi.


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