Why Eldoret is a City & Not a Town

It is currently the fastest growing city in Kenya, with a swelling population of over 289,380 (since 2009 census) and still counting. It is also the 2nd largest urban in midwestern and the 5th largest urban in Kenya.

A Street in Eldoret

Eldoret International Airport, ( IATA: EDL, ICAO:HKEL), is located in the city of Eldoret, in Uasin Gishu District, Rift Valley Province, in the southwestern part of Kenya close to the international border with Uganda. Its location is approximately 17 kilometres by road, south of the Eldoret CBD. This location lies approximately 269 kilometres by air, northwest of JKIA. It is situated at 2,150 metres, the airport has a single asphalt runway that measures 3,475 metres in length.


It is the only “Home of Champions” in the country – For being the primary residence of world renowned athletes and legendary runners like Kipchoge Keino. It is also home to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)’s High Altitude Training Center for Kenyan and international athletes.

It is also home to some of the oldest investors of Indian families:- The Rai’s, The Kandola’s, The Shah’s, The Lochab’s and The Patel’s.

It is the largest central market in midwestern Kenya.

A City of Farmers – Eldoret is also surrounded by a very agriculturally productive area, and for this reason is home to many farmers.

KVDA Plaza

According to Wikipedia, Eldoret is also home to a number of nationally recognised manufacturing industries like RaiplyWoods, Ken-Knit, Lochab Brothers, and Kandola and Son’s. It is also known for its cheese factory and other major industries including textiles, wheat, pyrethrum and corn.

Transportation The TransAfrican highway also passes through the city. Additionally the Kenya-Uganda main road and railway passes here.

Major Feeder City – As a centre of National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPD), this city exports cereals nationally and this gave rise to numerous industries like Unga Limited, Dola and more.

Eldoret International Airport, is one of the safest and largest international airport in Kenya, strategically situated in Kapsereet. It is open in that its Watch Tower covers a larger view without sorrounding obstacles like tall buildings or trees.

The Cleanest City – and in 2001, EIA (Eldoret International Airport) was voted the cleanest airport in the country.

It is the location to the third national Polytechnic in Kenya –  Eldoret Polytechnic.

Secure and Convenient City – Its airport was the only hub used in International and African Flights when, in Nairobi JKIA Fire, the Immigration area was burnt down. Kisumu and Mombasa (Kenyan official cities) were never used for international flights until Jomo Kenyatta International Airport resumed operations in the Capital City.

Centre of Education
With almost every storey building having a school or a branch campus, this city is homing lots of hundreds of Colleges and many well performing universities.  Eldoret Poly, Alphax, RVIST, KIMS, AICO, Nairobi Aviation, Laikipia University, Mount Kenya, Moi, UOE, Kisii, Catholic… among others are tertiary education in within.

City of Youths – Eldoret is highly dense with Youths, approximately 80% in total, some of whom are students and working class.

Rising Modernized Estates – Eastleigh, Elgon View , Langas, Huruma, Kapsoya, Kahoya, West Indies, West, Kipkaren, Kimumu, Action, Pioneer etc. Other rising estates are Subaru, Jerusalem, Sinai etc.

Growing Professional Crowd – In Eldoret now, the number of professionals whose presence is being felt in the city is really growing. Due to the Moi Referral and Teaching Hospital and Eldoret Hospital,which is also having specialised radiology services and Doctors Plaza, there is a host of experienced doctors and lawyers. It is home to Moi University with a student population of over 31, 723. The second medical school in Kenya, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH), is also located in within the city limits of Eldoret.

In 2013 work began on the building of East Africa’s first public children’s hospital; The Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital, in the campus of the Moi Referral.

Under his presidency, Daniel Arap Moi was born in the neighbouring Baringo District, and he further developed this town and he is credited for making Eldoret a paradise. Current Deputy President William Samoei Ruto was born here as well, and inhabitants believe he’ll develop it further. I am currently residing here too! 😉


>Eldoret vs Kisumu

Being the umblical cord of Rift Valley and inhabited by majority of Nandis, Eldoret is rising and growing up thick and fast. I’ve been to Kisumu City severally since my High School studies and also during my very first employment in a non-governmental organization – Strategic Empowerment Program located in East of Kano. Like everyone would, I tried to compare the Kisumu City and Eldoret “town” where my tertiary education has been held since 2011 to date and I rated Eldoret higher than Kisumu by far in terms of;

    • sanitation,

    • population,

  • buildings,

  • streets,

  • social amenities

  • among others.

    Komora Center


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    1. Your observation is great but we need to see road network improved to ease traffic jam, the issue of maintaining a clean town without street urchins will attract a city status.


      1. That’s true. Traffic jam has been a bumber-to-bumber kind of a thing. Roads, like you’ve observed, should be improved by re-tarmacking and street kids be homed at a specific location.

        Fly overs is a welcome too. We’ve very tall buildings…


    2. You share interesting things here. I think that your blog
      can go viral easily, but you must give it initial boost and i know how to do it, just search in google – mundillo traffic increase


    3. Why boast for things which are not there? Of course u r a kalenjin and dats ur home.
      not knowing ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ B patient lyk the Kisumu n Nakuru people and u ‘ll c all kinds of praises coming to u…If at all u were keen,u realized that Naks was named the fastest growing towns in Africa and hence the modern town …i didnt hear that one of urs u boasting here with….Infact Nakuru is developing to a city of its own kind as compared to others here in Kenya …If u did some Geography u can undrstand y Nakuru doesnt have soo many tall buildings though there r some…Am a luo by the way….so am not biased as u might think…The population of Eldoret is so small to attain the required number of 500000people of which Nakuru n Kisumu exceeded long tym ago….Naks people r jst waitin for the promotion by his excellency mr Uhuru…B patient ..stop being too proud of ur selves u people…


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