5 Serious Blunders in Nandi Hills That Costed an M.P. by a Whisker – George Tarus

We were destined for greatness. We were sure our defining moment was here and it was our ultimate time to thrive and triumph. When the Republic of Kenya devolved into Counties in thenew Constitition and made County Governments’ seats like Governer, Senator, Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of County Assembly, (MCA), people of Nandi Hills knew who their MP was – George Tarus.

But what happened?

George Tarus in "Putting Nandi Hills First" banner.

It was obvious, obvious to each and every resident in Nandi Hills to tell this man George Tarus had the interest of this home Nandi in his heart. Whenever he stood and address the congregations and eloquently talk about his “sera“, people would nod their heads in agreement, that really this was time change was… not everything we wanted, but the only thing.

His name stayed on the lips of many longer than usual and every village, every local school, every sub-location, location, centers and surburbs of Nandi Hills knew him, not only by name but also in person as well as the contributions he has made to catapult developments. I knew him too and his friendly attitude earned him trust to associate with the voiceless – nay – the grassroots.

The 5 Blunders That Denied George Tarus the MP Seat… 

At the very height of human civilization of the 21st Century, how is it possible that some have stooped so low and have fallen so deep – wallowing in the dregs of political threats, lies and propaganda?

1. Rigged Elections – The long queues that had started up in the wee small hours of the 4th of March 2013 ended up in the darkness – a darkness of tiresome counting, mayhem and push-and-pull fights. If you throw into the mix hired hooligans and “boxed” security detail, votes were rigged and others tampered with… just to change the numbers.

2. Propaganda – You wouldn’t miss this. “He’s not up to the task”,  He’s not married, who will he lead?”,  “He is not experienced or politically raised up!”, .. . . . .  .   .   .    .   . and all types of nothing but petty naysay.

3. Victimization – Some voters were abused both mentally and physically. Supporters of side A and B would, at one point in time, exchanged bitter words or blows, or worse the throws of stones and alike objects to make A/B feel loosers and inferior. GT supporters, as evident with final election results, were much on the receiving end.

4. Voters Card Selling – Romour of selling voters’ cards were rampant and maybe, just maybe, some few Nandi Hills supporters of GT were lured with money to relinquish their cards.

5. (Fill your observations by leaving a comment below this post)

The Future Strategy

He is still a leader, and in Nandi County he’s a Legal Advisor to the Governer Cleophas Lagat.  His ultimate desire to sit in the seat of an MP is not yet over and come 2017, the above blunders will mean nothing to deter the prosperity of the Nandi Hills Constituency, because the March 4, 2013 elections had came as a joyous daybreak to end the long nights of captivity, but was postponed to 2017 by, say fate? Greater things are coming.

His Brief History

George Tarus was born and brought up in the village of Kipsamo. He went to Kipsamo Primary School where he sat his KCPE in 1997. After completing his KCSE at Lenana School, became heavily involved in community youth groups as well as his local church activities in Nandi Hills. He graduated in Moi University with a Degree in Law…

Brief Achievements

George has been a youth leader for quite a while and a current chairman of Kipnyigei Echo Youth Group, a small group whose members engage in horticultural and micro-enterprises in Nandi Hills. He is also current patron of Vision for Development Youth group, Nandi Hills.

George has been offering motivational talks to both primary and secondary school students. He’s spoken to students and pupils of; Kipsamo, Sinendet, Chemomi, Kosoiywo, Mosine,  Township, Kaplelmet, Chebarus, Keteng, Nandi Hills Academy, Kipriria Hills Academy, Cheplelachbei, Father Kuhn and Kapsimatwo Primary Schools, as well as Samoei, Kapsabet Girls, Kipsangui, Cheplaskei, Chebisaas Boys, St. Mary’s Tachasis St. Peter’s Kapsabet,  Kapnyeberai Girls, Terige, Secondary Schools among others. He’s also spoken in community events and functions mostly about education as the surest way to defeat poverty.

George offers community legal aid pro-bono too. He has been to Kass FM and Chamgei FM radio stations for the same purpose.

Together with friends in the UK, George helped found a few Charity Organizations;

Elimu Foundation:- This was to link schools in Nandi Hills and those in London. So far partnerships exist between Kipriria Primary and The Priory School in London, Kipsamo Primary and Charles Darwin School in London and Greenfields Primary School and Bishop Justus School. They have annual exchange visits between these schools and the partnerships help the children have broader outlooks to life.  See more about Elimu Foundation here…

Nandi Runners:- Was an athletics program aiming at helping nurture young talent by bringing athletes from all over the world to come and train with our world class athletes. They pay to do so and 30% of this charge goes to theschools and the remainder supports the program including paying our local athletes plus providing them with equipment.

He’s pushing for better public services and local accountability in Nandi Hills.


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