Things President William Ruto Should Address in Less Than 72 Hours

Not only Kalenjins – even the world’s most popular, incredibly influential and vocal group on Social Media of the 21st Century better known as “Kenyans on Twitter”, (#KOT) regarded the Deputy President of Kenya William Samoei Ruto as the PRESIDENT, and the following hashtag has been trending on twitter #ThingsPresidentRutoShouldAddressadvicing him on matters that he should resolve fast as the acting president.

Acting President William Ruto - Photo/Wikipedia

Nevertheless, Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia has also edited his profile as Acting President of Kenya.

If an hustler can become the president, so do I.

Kalenjins’ dream manifested itself as a dream-come-true when Ruto remains the President of Kenya while Uhuru is away in Hague, Nertherlands for status conference in the ICC.

Although the position is lasting barely 72 hours long, Kalenjins

and many Kenyans hope that he gives straight and poignant Executive Orders directed to quickly change matters in the governmentthat Uhuru could not have done,

for this is the best time, authority and chance.

For example he should declare Eldoret as a City in Kenya and create other memorabilia exclusive to him, and reform security. It is difficult for Uhuru to sack sycophants and punish leaders that embezzle public funds like that of Land Commission headed by Charity Ngilu. Suspension and cancellation of Muti-billion Railway Project that was corruptly priced and poorly timed. Suspending governers/senators/MPs/MCAs that, for the last 2½ years, has done nothing to develop their counties and instead beg for more increased salaries via Pesa Mashinani, reclaim Kenya’s lost treasures,  and above all UNITE all Kenyans!

The handing over the authority  was constitutional and some have expressed happiness for continuity of Ruto’s presidency as seen in the case filed by a Lawyer Matagei to have Ruto sworn in permanently as the head of state.

4 Very Powerful Functions William Ruto Will Enjoy

Among other presidential functions;
1. He heads National Security Council which is the authority of the President, and can address any special sitting of Parliament.

2. He can chair Cabinet. He has the duty to direct and co-ordinate the functions of the ministries and Government departments. He may also receive foreign diplomatic and consular representatives.

3.  Commander in Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, which is one of the prime titles of the Head of State.

4. The acting president is not prohibited from declaring with the approval of Parliament or even declaring a state of emergency under the Constitution.

This is what Kenyans Said to Him on Twitter (Click Here).

The Standard also highlighted funniest tweets to President Ruto here.


5 thoughts on “Things President William Ruto Should Address in Less Than 72 Hours

  1. Has an acting president the right to suspend an MP?
    The talk about uniting the country: this is what should be done by all of us. It cannot be done by elevating one group, be they Kikuyu, be they Kalenjin.


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