What Next After Years in College?

Web Content and Social Media Editor - SEP Office

   I vividly remember a thanksgiving blog post that I posted in 2013, 24th of March on my other blog. It was all about a vote of thanks. I thanked all who supported my studies and I did so because my ICT Diploma results for Module One was a success – A Credit, with few points to change it into a Distinction.

But this post therefore, is a different story altogether. Away from Module I (2012) and Module II (2013), let me fast-forward you to my 2014 where I did not SIT in any Class for any 2 hour or so lectures.


I kicked off the year with about 10 resolutions but I realized written resolutions don’t make dreams come true, habits do. My ambitious and optimistic traits changed some plans. For the good of it.

With my life addicted (no, lemme say passionate) to the internet, I saw an employment advert that later improved my growth, my life and all its perspective.

The advertisement wanted a “Web Content and Social Media Editor” and carefully I read the requirements and I gave it a shot.

BINGO! I was shortlisted by Strategic Empowerment Program (SEP), a community-based NGO in Kisumu County, Kano Location. This is the organization that had advertized the vacancy.

After a series of exchanged emails I went for an interview that I did in Tom Mboya Estate in Kisumu City with my potential employer and… I was the best Candidate!

BINGO! I got the job, with only a Module 1 Transcript from KNEC and zero experience. Wazungus are good people, right? I think they focus on key skills, abilities etc. It became my first formal employment with which I signed a 1 year renewable contract from exactly 1st August 2013 (and was to end at 31st August 2014).. . .

I paused College the whole of 2013’s last semester. I went for a 21-day paid leave to sit Module Two the November 2013 in Alphax, and, without being taught or lectured on OOP (Object Oriented Programming), QuickBooks and AutoCAD… I PASSED. Personal learning, if you can call it.

BINGO! 2014 came thick and fast and I have done my last Third Module this November. It has been a journey with ups and downs and now I am waiting my results and the ultimate Kenya National Examination Council CERTIFICATE for my National Diploma in Information Communication Technology.

What Next After Years in College?

I have two plans in mind to start with:

    • Self Employment
    • Seek a job (Nandi County is a first priority)

    Number One – Self Employment

    With so much passion and great skills in ICT, I would like not to sit and watch them fade away. I’ll invest these knowledge and skills in a Technological enterprise in Nandi Hills town – to offer back quality services to the community that supported me rise up.

    This will come into reality in process because cash in the main requirement, among other facilities. With little research I’ve done about Nandi Hills Town, quality tech and Data Centers Services have not taken a clear shape in the industry, and I’m planning to capitalize on this opportunity.

    My business plan is underway.

    Any mentor up there can give me some advice please…

    Number Two: Seek a Job

    In this, I am giving Nandi County a priority because charity begins at home. I am optimistic that I’ll secure myself a position because Technology keeps growing and changing on daily basis and that raises my hopes and chances of working within our home government, plus my experience of more than half-an-year from an NGO. Also with the introduction of Samoei Koitaleel University College in Nandi Hills makes it even a reality. I have friends I trust I can contact to help me find a job, or advice me on the right path to track.

    Advice or Comment below, lets chat.

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