Angry Kenyans Say #StopTheDrunkPresident

Kenya’s PResident Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has been under the fury of Kenyans, especially the #KOTs. A long  trending topic dubbed #StopTheDrunkPresident has trended more than a week to perhaps communicate disappointment that Kenyans have felt against Jubilee.

During TUMECHOKA demo #OccupyHarambeeAvenue

Kenyans have expressly aired the total failure of Uhuru’s Administration in matters security. Just recently, Kenyans decided to stage a massive peace demonstration called #OccupyHarambeeAve and it seems the State House didn’t notice that truly, TUMECHOKA.

The demo made clear two very critical and crucial issues!

1.  SACK IG David Kimaiyo and Ole Lenku (For failure on National Security)
2.  STOP CORRUPTION (That siphons and drains dry Kenyan hard earned money).

Since last year hundreds of Kenyans gave lost their lives by terror killings. The famous
series of attacks, the shameful#Westgate Siege
that held kenya hostage for 4 f****** days,
Lamu attacks only to realize police looted instead, 
Kapedo massacre, Mandera Bus attack.

Shameful as it is, Uhuru Kenyatta recently went ahead and made a “controversial” televised speech, (that I concur with #KOT that maybe he was drunk) openely blaming Kenyans for the National Insecurity.

President asked more than once, in both English and Swahili “What is your responsibility?”  “Jukumu lako ni gani?” His gestures were harsh, to say, pointing his index finger to us and repeatedly hitting his chest with it.

Yes I watched part of the clip uploaded by Cyprian Nyakundi, that was edited with answers to his many questions.

Mr President, I pay taxes. That’s my responsibility. Despite using it for your selfies and selfish gains (your recent car is bullet proof and all PSVs ain’t), you pay security personnel in Kenya who, including you, have failed and betrayed Kenyans one time too many!

The commander in chief of the armed forces  also cited that I’m and should be responsible for my security and insecurity!

What’s the meaning of “Utumishi Kwa Wote” slogan means?

Where I want to give Muigai a clean 0/10 is when he talked of uncles raping 3 year old babies, and asking Kenyans this rhetoric quiz “Askari ako wapi wakati huo? ”

To me that was out of topic, a fallacy, uncalled for, drunk. No wonder Kenyans on Twitter wedged #StopTheDrunkPresident war.

And then came the second video and a trending topic. #WhereTheBuckStops, associated with a video letter addressed to Mr President by KTN’s senior reporter Asha Mwilu. I recommend this video to anyone who would like to watch a summary of insecurity and promises made by president, which none has ever been fulfilled.

Some tweets to #StopTheDrunkPresident were like:

Dismas Kips @Dismoh
@UKenyatta Ain’t wanna call it utter nonsense to blame citizens for your failed security system. I call drankerdness #StopTheDrunkPresident

I see #MyPresidentMyChoice & recall the old strippin incident!For #StopTheDrunkPresident, it is REAL, OnPoint, addressin filth in UK govt.

Boni Khalwale @ BoniMtetezi

Its very unfortunate a sworn in PResident is blaming Kenyans for his incompetence #StopTheDrunkPresident #MySecurityMyRight

Nyakundi Cyprian, Is Nyakundi @C_NyaKundiH If Uhuru was not drunk when he was making the rape speech, this country is in deep trouble #StopTheDrunkPresident

IG @Ruheni_Mathenge @Ruheni_Mathenge #StopTheDrunkPresident whether it’s our responsibility or the government responsibility smthg need to be done on insecurity.

Barraque™ @TheGamblerKE
But am somehow positive Uhuru was high during that speech #StopTheDrunkPresident

Real Man @ AYUBSA
#StopTheDrunkPresident Listening is a skill and better listen to all this 40m+ Kenyans. Is this the promise you made to us? #MoiWasBetter

Eναпs G¡м¡x @ Skawd
POLITICIANS and DIAPERS have one thing in Common.They both Need to be CHANGED Regulary For the SAME REASON. #Stopthedrunkpresident

Dawe @ dawittydave
We have always been on our own! Stop acting surprised that the snake that bit you yesterday, bit you again today. #StopTheDrunkPresident

Boni Khalwale @ BoniMtetezi
Its unfortunate that you can be drunk with power, impunity, corruption, to point of forgetting wananchi #StopTheDrunkPresident

External Link: Aljazeera on Occupy Harambee Avenue


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