7 Things I will Do – My Ultimate Creed This November

I shall fight for my land – Nandi for my forefathers fought for it too. I shall stand tall defending our grazing land for my great grandfather, my grandfather and my father grazed here… long before me. I must graze here too and my son and my son‘s sons too long after me. I shall guard the soil of my land – Nandi I will not betray this soil-For in it lies my umblical cord, neither will I betray the land that houses the bones of my greatparents I shall commemorate fallen heroes and
heroines of Nandi.

I shall pay homage to their shrines, moseleums and hideouts they esteemed. I shall sing of Wareng and Mosop I shall drum the tune on Chesumei and Emgwen I shall kiss the name Aldai and Soy in (Tinderet). I shall tell you of kapchepkendi and kamelilo. I shall talk of KapTaalam and Kapoch I shall drink with sons and daughters of Kaptumois and Koilegei. I shall dance the songs of Kabianga and Kapsile. I shall eat millet-bread from my mothers of Kapno and Cheptol.

I shall stand with the people of Murkaptuk and Tibingot. For these all are my people, and drink milk (mursiik) with Mooi and Kipkenda clans.

I shall defend the sons and daughters of Kibiegen and Kiptabkei clans. I shall attend dances with Kipongoi and Kiptakei people. I shall take gifts to Toiyo and Kipasiso clans. I shall heed to the calling by Kipaa and Tungo clans.

I shall attend ordination by Talai and Sogom clans.

I shall work with Kap-Oit and Kiboois clans. I shall tell tales to Kipamui and Kipsirgoi clans. I shall participate in child naming after the departed Maina group.
I shall stay awake amongst surviving members of Chumo group. I shall adhere to what Sawe tells me I shall run to and fro where Kipkoimet wants me.

I shall respect and follow guided steps by Kaplelach group. I shall eat, drink and dance amongst
Kimnyige group, che kinyi chego moo, my age set. I will respect and love my mother Kaplegetio forever amu konyiit ko toroor –  who saw me grow up and taught me the good and bad. I will do the right thing and as a man I will protect our homestead Kokweet and bororieet at large.

I shall participate in overseeing appropriate mentorship amongst Nyongi. I shall defend Nandi for my blood that trickled onto the soil of Nandi and created a formidable bond between my land, me and my forefathers, during that great night that bears me witness.



2 thoughts on “7 Things I will Do – My Ultimate Creed This November

  1. A nice loyalty. Your posts are truly dedicated to Kalenjin to educate, empower and create awareness in addition to advocating for women and Children…. right in this Digital Global Village. I enjoy every single post I read and I’d wish you get the necessary support to do wonders!

    Looking forward to more updates and posts.


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