Hooray! We’re 1 Year Old Today – AN, DS and V4P

One Year Old Websites

I got started with Arise Nandi (then vote4poor) on a Day Like This in December 11th last year. Arise Nandi and Dismotech Solutions both on WordPress, and Vote4poor on tumblr, are blogs celebrating an anniversary of One Year Old Today here in the world of internet. I’ve celebrated like twice this year? (This was for Left Handers! )

Happy Birthday AN, DS and V4P!

••• Achievements •••
Arise Nandi has achieved several milestones in advocating for and supporting Kalenjin Communities, and precisely in Nandi County and also beyond borders of the county.

• Giving Back in School Children
AN made plans and successful volunteer programs in Junior Faith Academy (JFA)  and educated children in Early Childhood Education for Class 2, 3 and 4, who greatly benefited from Arise Nandi Voluntary teaching. These Kids were taught several school curriculum syllabuses including Mathematics, English, CRE, Physical Education among others. Giving back to the community is core objective of AN, DS and V4P – activism included.

Apart from children, our essence since inception has inclusively supported the entire community – all men, women and youths.

• Great Numbers
Our dearly amazing Followers have risen ever since. We now have over 1,200 great readers who’ve never missed to get a post from this site and over 5,600 visitors and hits recorded using WordPress Stats widget.

AriseNandi has published 52 posts and still counting, 5 Pages and 159 Comments (plus 189 others spammed by Askimet), several Drafts and still counting…

Dismotech Solutions has made 34 Published posts,  7Pages and received 42 Comments (with 172 blocked by Askimet).

Vote4poor Tumblr blog have both Arisenandi, Dismotech and vote4poor (for wordpress) posts all combined because posts are automatically updated in my Tumblr blog immediately I hit publish on wordpress.

All these statistics doesn’t include trashed data.

Subscribe today to get our posts and learn, fathom and enjoy the news, the doctrines, success stories, language, emerging trends and lifestyle of us – The Kalenjin People.

Interactions has been vibrant whenever our visitors and readers respond.

Express your thoughts in any post and submit your comment. You’ll definitely get a response – a conversation worth the time.

• We Have Reached The World

Considering Views By Country, Kenya cumulatively had always had greater numbers of Views to this website, followed by United States of America, South Africa, United Kingdom, and several Asian and African countries.

2015 Strategic Plans

We’re ushering in the New Year in style with new plans all geared to put the blog up there in the mainstream websites.
They include:
1. Buy arisenandi.com domain and self-host the website, and publicly launch it in an event, possibly.

2. Allow ads to earn and get few dollars to clear minor bills.

3. Establish e-commerce and seek viable ways to pool resources to benefit one and all.

4. Continue empowerment and awareness in the community in volunteership and other ways applicable.

5. Campaigns

6. AOB.

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How To Get Involved:

Celebrate With Us By Supporting Our Mission and Vision, and Donate 10 USD Only – To Help AriseNandi & Affiliates To Run Voluntary Services in The Community.

Or Map Us To a Domain Address, or Buy Us anew For Us To Enable… Read more…


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