Arise Nandi’s Message and Gift On Xmass and Prosperous 2015

As Families, friends and citizens gather to celebrate, share love, wine and dine together, Arise Nandi has a very strong message to put across, because we all deserve to live in this world in peace, love and unity.

With this message dedicated precisely to Kenyans and also my loyal Readers and Followers… Let us re-dedicate ourselves to the struggle to crown our nations with prosperity and happiness. We will only do this by persistently waging war on all our problems and challenges without flinching.

AriseNandi Message and Gift

As the supporter of the people of Nandi County, you know that I will not hesitate or blink in the face of difficulty. I draw my strength from your courage, determination and abilities as a people. And I know that together we will win. Do not stop, do not waver, do not turn back and do not flinch.

Today, therefore, I call on each one of us to play our part in full to make Nandi and entire Kenya even greater. Let us work with all our might to build this nation.

If you are a farmer till the land as though only you can save your fellow Kenyans from hunger, because that is true. If you are a teacher, guide your pupils as though the destiny of every young Kenyan is in your hands, because indeed it is.

If you are a medic, treat your patients like our men and women in uniform protect our communities: as though every Kenyan life depends on you, because  indeed it does.

Whatever you do, know that it is integral to the national agenda, and that your fellow citizens need you.

Let us appreciate the power of the individual to effect real change. Every one of us plays a part in shaping our collective destiny. Do not be the one who did nothing. Each should project their individual efforts towards the national good. Recognize the impact of your own work and the significance of your contribution to nation building. It is only us – you and me – who will drive this country we love to its destiny.

Pamoja tujenge taifa letu. Again, I now wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2015. For many, this is the beginning of the holiday season. I urge everyone to enjoy the holidays responsibly. Do not do anything that puts your lives and welfare, or the safety of others at risk.

Let us remember the less fortunate among us and endeavour to share the holiday cheer with them. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, 2015.

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Hey! AriseNandi does well know you’ve been a loyal reader and follower of this blog. Therefore, I want to REWARD YOU! Yes You, because you contributed to the successful year of my blogging in AriseNandi.

I believe in gifts of surprises, so I cannot publish your gift here but right into your e-mail inbox. Secretly. Friendly. Surprisingly.

Send me a mail with this subject “Send My Gift” to before 27th, and be sure to comment below a Merry Xmass & New Year wishes to others around the world…


Dismas - Merry Xmas and Prosperous Happy New Year


14 thoughts on “Arise Nandi’s Message and Gift On Xmass and Prosperous 2015

  1. Nice piece Dismoh. Keep this up for this world be a better place made by us.


    It really deserving and rewarding this holiday season!
    Merry Xmas world!


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