Four Pillars of Arise Nandi’s 2015

Arise Nandi had made a promise last year to enter into the New Year 2015 with greater refined and vibrant articles all spiced up with the following key objectives:

1. To represent Nandi People and Nandi County online.

2. Be the voice of the people in our communities.

3. To advocate for and support Nandi residents against historical and neo-colonial injustices, seeking help from representatives and leaders that do not betray us, compromise or weaken our struggle  with corruption and ineptitude.

4. To educate and create awareness to our people to know their rights and how to fight for them and hence empower the community in various ways deemed possible.

Information is Power.

The above 4 key objectives forms the entire theme of our 2015 alongside advancing the blog. 

Having set up the Key underlying theme(s) for 2015, I was wondering what my FIRST POST would be, but I decided to link to an external article that says it all as it is.

I recalled our history, our fertile lands, our animals, our strength and unity and wealth and our future…  and lastly the heinous of crimes committed against us, without  justice for the last 100 years.

I couldn’t remember anything else but our lands that were grabbed and stolen by British settlers to plant tea, construct their homesteads, estates and factories just to harvest, earn billions, wine and dine in the lands that does not belong to them.

More saddening is the fact that the real owners of these lands are wallowing in abject poverty until now.

Where is Independence?

Where is Justice?

It is about time we get serious to use our new Constitution to reclaim our lands, led by Nandi County Government.

The Great Economic Robbery

Click here to read this remorseful article.


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