10 Reasons Why Nandi Hills Town Expansion Remains a Mystery

Tea and Forests

It is the second largest town in Nandi County, home and also the “cradle land”  to the most renowned and internationally successful runners of their era. Hilly, lush, green…Nandi Hills Town is today in between a rock and a hard place.

1. Tea Farms That Stretch Far and Wide into CBD

Nandi Hills town is getting congested year in year out. The reason it does is obvious – Tea Farms. Rumors in streets and villages say that tea owners refused clearing of their tea and forests to make room for expansion in and outskirts of the town… despite the fact that lease term is allegedly over, therefore strategy to return these lands to the rightful owners – the Nandi Community, should commence.

2. Lands and Plots Ownership Scandals

I’ve seen two cases of plot ownership scandals in Nandi Hills. One widely known example is the Suicide Plots or Junction as it has been called. Group conflicts more likely affect development and in worst case scenarios destroy.

3. Extremely Slow Development Programs
Projects especially ran by the county government really do progress very slow. Examples are evident in Roads construction that are delayed and taking long to complete, which in turn waste time, stop or slow the movement of resources and that would have improve or create  developmental programs.

4. Jealousy and Selfishness

Kipsochigey syndrome propagates jealousy and other selfish gains. I’ve seen a group of business people disagree on the group property especially during Group dissolution.

5. Insecurity

What scares away the investors to start businesses is insecurity.  Recent killings of Kapchorua Tea Manager and his family, shoot out in Taito that injured two, series of motor bike thefts, robbery especially on pay-days, etc are factors that scare investments.

6. Poverty

At times I do not want to blame the community for this menace because one may say its laziness. Think about thousands of lands that were grabbed from the Nandi People by British settlers (who also killed our leader Samoei) to make the current tea farms and industries… How about cattle -Nandis primary source of wealth, that they confiscated and evict Nandis and forced them into peanut labour?

This was the genesis of poverty in Nandi Communities, communities that were deceived that their lands were leased to multinational tea industries for 99 years – after which lands have not been given back.

Read more on the “Biggest Economic Robbery“, which has made Nandi to languish in poverty that has been one of the key reasons why Nandi Hills doesn’t develop and expand in the CBD.

7. Corruption

This is the worst disease that kills every nation in the world. Some corrupt oficials who work in higher offices of different institutions are influenced by bribes from moguls that want to have their way and their say accepted regardless of truth. In this event, weak or poor people in the community are exploited and do not see justice of the day. As a result, people give up and decide to change plans of creating wealth – farming becoming the best option.

8. Lack of Unity by Nandi People

Nandis are the people who seem so vulnerable to internal segregation. We are easily divided by politics, propaganda and rumors that risk our unity and communial prosperity. In as much as every person is entitled to his or her personal opinions, the final outcome should not divide us because fallen is the house divided.

These differences therefore have crippled development and agreement meant to expand our territories as a community.

9. Irregular Infrastructure

Streets construction, power and water across the town lacks a regular and definite design and dimensions.

Streets are not tarmacked even as the county government promised to. Power and Water supply network is slow and this is clearly evident by rental and business rooms in and outside town that lacks them.

Irony it is that Mogoiywet, Kipkimba and Chebarus villages supply the town and the tea estates with quality bricks but still under developed and without significant expansion.

10. Have Your Say…

What is your take on Nandi Hills towns’ expansion and development?

More alarming in the news (precisely KTN) was the Killer Bridge documentary in Tindireet that has been ignored for years.

Please, Arise Nandi.

Add your say below in the comments box.


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