The Youth Of The Month – Admin

With the new year comes the new programs! THE YOUTH OF THE MONTH is the newest initiative and an independent Category of Arise Nandi 2015. Being the most popular website in the Nandi County, we are going to feature one Youth of either gender per month who have made a positive impact in the Nandi Community across the County.

Alongside this, Arise Nandi will seek partnerships and establish connection with sponsors or donors so that the youth groups can be supported to further their dreams and agenda of eradicating poverty, environmental conservation, embracing technology, refusing and fighting corruption, drugs and violence. More important again is finding employment opportunities in creation and innovation of IGAs – Income Generating Activities.

The Youth of The Month


In line with our Core Objectives – to create awareness, inspire, empower, educate and better represent the Community online, Arise Nandi has taken this noble and bold step to reckon and identify individually one youth at a time, every month to the world through Arise Nandi website. This way, we will empower and encourage the featured youth to do even more to the community and also let the Nandis know and appreciate the youth and the work and achievements he/she done.

The World will Also Know You!

It is about time we recognize ourselves to the struggle to crown our independence with prosperity and happiness. We will only do this by persistently waging war on all our problems without flinching. As your blogger, you know that I will not hesitate or blink in the face of difficulty. I draw my strength from your courage, determination and abilities as a people. And I know that together we will win. Do not stop, do not waver, do not turn back and do not flinch.

Youths, let us work with all our might to build this county. If you are a farmer for example, till the land as though only you can save your fellow Kenyans from hunger, because that is true. If you are a teacher, guide your pupils as though the destiny of every young Kenyan is in your hands, because indeed it is.


If you are a medic, treat your patients as though every Kenyan life depends on you, because  indeed it does. Whatever you do, know that it is integral to the county’s developmental agenda  and that our fellow citizens need us.

We’re appreciating the power of the individual to effect real change because every one is really playing a part in shaping our collective destiny by projecting our individual efforts towards the national good.

Arise Nandi…

Is now recognizing the impact of youths and the significance of our contribution to nation building.

Success Story

It is only us – you and me – who will drive this country we love to its destiny.


There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

… Sophia Loren

Are you a youth making a difference in the community?

Are you READY to let the County leaders, residents and the world at large know about you, your project and progress?

Do you want to SHARE your success with other youths in the county?


Do you have a SUSTAINABLE PROJECT in-the-making and you need support to start-up or run?


Contact Arise Nandi Admin:

Name: Dismas Kipsongok
Cell: +254 721 121 760



7 thoughts on “The Youth Of The Month – Admin

  1. Nandi is the best place to be we/I salute those in one way or another have positively contributed in developing the country either by creating employment, conserving the environment, developing better networking program within and outside the county. The future of Kenya and Nandi is at our hands,let’s all join hands to develop and achieve whatever we haven’t…


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