Youth of The Month – Ibrahim Kibiwott

Youths have made considerable changes especially in Kenya at large. In Nandi Hills, one Ibrahim Kibiwott is a transformative youth from Nandi Hills, a second biggest town in the county of Nandi. He grew in Nandi Hills town, schooled in Township Primary and Griffins Academy schools. He went to a Muslim high school and is now studying at St Paul’s university.

The Dream


He realized his leadership skills at 15 and by 18 he had put it into practice by empowering the Nandi Hills community by educating them on deliberative democracy.

He rose to fame when he started and chaired a youth group in Nandi Hills town which later on turned to an organization attracting the whole county and country at large.

Both politicians and businessmen including the community lauded the program.  The advocacy of issues helped him to be conversant and added courage and soon he raised issues touching on governance and  corruption without fear or favour.

Ibrahim formed Nandi Enlighters, a group that laid a foundation with the following objectives:
1. Civic education
2. Talent exploitation
3. Environmental conservation
4. Economic empowerment

In Pictures

Nandi Enlighters Launch Party
Official Launch - Cutting the Cake
From Talent search came the Dancers
And more Dancing Competitions
Comedians came up!
The invited
And Photographers...
And the FOOD too...

All these objectives were put into practise. In environmental conservation Nandi Enlighters started a monthly initiative of cleaning up the town’s litter and gabbage collection with help by Nandi Town Council.

In addition, the group planted 10,000 trees around the the sub-county.

Arise Nandi recognizes his efforts to transform the communities around Nandi.

Finding happiness in giving others a Voice

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Arise Nandi has launched the Youth Of The Month program for the year 2015 for which is an initiative to recognize, appreciate and reward youthful efforts.

AriseNandi will also feature a Special Article and connect you and fellow youths with reliable agencies supporting youths with sustainable ideas that work for the good of all.

Contact Arise Nandi Admin today for more information.


8 thoughts on “Youth of The Month – Ibrahim Kibiwott

  1. Ibu deserves that recognition surely. congrats the admin for identifying that industrious youth. may God bless him abundantly and give him more energy to serve the people of Nandi hills and Nandi county at large


  2. Edu Bor, Hello brother;

    Welcome and thanks too for stopping by. Ibu is a close friend and he has strong interests in changing our community. I started the Youth of the Month initiative and this will continue giving youths alike this kind of recognition every month.

    We can recognize you too man, you got what it takes to transform our society.


    1. Fred Leting, thanks for your positive comments and this encouragement. Arise Nandi is thankful to you for reading all these inspiring articles about our communities. Subscribe with your mail and don’t miss to catch new great articles coming again soon!


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