Online Votes & Protest of Nandi County Residents

Recently, hundreds to thousands of residents of Nandi County planned a massive demonstration on social media against County CEO Cleophas Lagat for crippling the county, embezzlement of funds, wasteful spending, mismanagement, corruption, nepotism, his ineptitude among other concerns that citizens of the county felt it was backward and deserved a massive action to bring all these to a dead end.


In solidarity, I am joining the demonstration in a different way. I designed a Poll that every online citizen of Nandi County can view and vote with a single click! The poll updates results in real-time and most importantly, all can see the results just below the poll.

Comments are enabled so you can provide additional answers and views, or if provided choices are not among your options. Vote, Demonstrate Online and Help Shape Our County.

This voting provides a clear data of the county’s performance index in respect to residents’ views and comments.

VOTE Now, Stand Against Impunity!

Do you think Nandi County Government is Developing and is citizen-inclusive?

1. Read the question.
2. Choose your answer, or type in “other”.
3. Lastly, Click Vote
4. Notice how Results change.

(You must vote to view results, or if you want to view voting results only, click “View Results”)

Vote Now, Add Your Voice.


3 thoughts on “Online Votes & Protest of Nandi County Residents

  1. we are suffering as voters
    1. poor road maintenance
    2. non equitable resource employment is total biased
    3. poor electrification like Lelechwet
    4. no youths and women empowerment
    5. poor tendering.


    1. Hello Evans, you’ve directly highlighted critical areas of concern to the people of our county. I hope our leaders will read these issues and address them ASAP.

      Thanks for reading.


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