Open Letter To My Governer Cleophas Lagat

Dear Sir…

Honourable Cleophas Lagat, Your Excellency the Governer of Nandi County, first and foremost I thank you for the great work your doing for us in our county.

It feels like it was just the other day when I stood for the first time in a scorching sun on a long queue to cast my vote for you – how time flies. Its now 3 years ago. I write this open letter to you with confidence for I know my vote never lost but won the victory we enjoy today as the residents of this great county. A friend of mine once told me “God Chooses Leaders” and I believed this because the Good Book teaches us that every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God. So for this reason I believe sir that there’s a purpose why you’re our top most CEO – a prosperous purpose precisely.

Photo:Bricks in Mogoiywet - Tujenge County

My name is Dismas Kipsongok, a young youth born 25 years ago and a resident of Nandi Hills Town in Mogoiywet Village. You may not know me in person but I’m probably sure you know about, or you’ve heard of this most popular blog in Nandi County called Arise Nandi of which I am the admin supporting the society in various ways including education and awareness, advocating for justice, better governance, democracy and a representative voice to the weak, silenced and vulnerable in our Nandi Community.

The Bible says in the book of 1st Timothy chapter 4 verse 12:

“Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

It is in this scripture that strengthenes my confidence, passion and also the kind of work I have volunteered to do in Arise Nandi.

The Progress

Sir, I understand you’re the most busy employee of the county because you oversee hundreds of staff, manage and control a population of about 783,000 and all their issues keep popping on your desk.

See also: A letter to my MP – Alfred Ketter.

When I stopped wondering how time flies, I realized you still have like less than two years in office and this indicates that your time is running out faster so I thought it wise to contact you before this term ends because the second term in 2017 may come with changes, or better still have you retained – which is my opinion.

I recently published an article and highlighted few key areas you’re focusing on and those developments you pledged but you have not yet implemented.

But for those which you have done already, and more that are under process now, and those that are still on paper, I must say that you’re doing a great job mheshimiwa, and allow me to personally send my Warm Congratulations through this letter directly to you.

Congratulations sir!! I imagine how it could be even warmer with a man to man handshake, but you know how hard it is to penetrate through those men surrounding you. Don’t you?

I am personally glad for the work you’ve already done alongside other leaders.

Colossal Examples

    • The Six Ambulances to better health care in the county
    • The theater equipment to aid surgical operations in Maraba Hospital
    • The urban and rural roads construction
    • Electrification of some areas like the same School above (though not operational, but its better than nothing)
    • And more… (probably in other far areas)

    Maya Angelou said;

    Good done anywhere is good done everywhere. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they’re stones that don’t matter. As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good.

    Based on my research as a concerned blogger, truth be told, I am afraid about the views of my fellow county men, county women and county youths. Observing posts and comments on social media and frequently checking results of a simple online voting/polling system that I created few days ago here, your graph line of trust, developments, citizen satisfaction and re-election possibility is headed down low at an alarming speed but there is something we can do the reverse this because it’s never too late until it’s too late.

    Youths are the largest population in the County and if you solve most of their issues then all is not lost. We are mostly hit by unemployment because there’s  lack of willingness or laxity of the county to primarily empower youths.

    Many youths have sustainable  business projects that are able to live on by their own just after the initial start-up but nothing is done by the government to financially support and materialize these projects, projects that you and me know will automatically be a source of income to many youths, hence minimizing unemployment and other vices that are a threat to our society. Often the forwarded project proposals are piled up somewhere and end up in oblivion or a paper bin of those officials we believe can help us reach the projects to you. I have always thought of one to one help rather than tiresome protocols that makes youths give up doing follow ups. It is the same as delayed justice is denied justice, therefore in this case allow me to say delayed support is support denied.

    My Suggested Solution:
    •• Supply money to youths in all sub-counties and finance their projects and materialize viable ideas we have.

    ••Initiate youths competitive contests in the fields of technology, business, arts, exhibitions, etc to enhance innovativity and creativity in the county, and through this empower and support winning and outstanding talents and performances.

    The successful example that was done in the county was Beauty Contest which saw several beautiful ladies of our county shining even in cultural attire and going places! More of these should be done and diversified to cover more numbers.

    •• Say, launch a youthful seminars and fora like once a month in every sub-county and engage with youths oftenly. There’s change in talking and inspiring the people.

    Our elders both men and women ask for stable economy, equitable distribution and readily available and accessible bursary funds, rural electrification, water and complain of very slow projects that takes ages to complete.

    My Suggested Solution:
    ••Fight Corruption
    ••Quick and accurate budget allocations
    ••Prompt completion of tasks
    Our old grandies gave up the fight of title deeds. And they left their lands to the hands of multinational tea industries even after the lease period was over. Thousands and thousands of acres of land that belong to the community but illegally owned by international tea moguls generate billions of money year in year out… but poverty index in Nandi County is still as high as 47%.

    Where do these billions generated by our forefathers’ lands go?

    Will they, or at least their siblings see justice done from the help of the county government?

    Or should we also enjoy the revenues and profits of our lands?

    You see, Governer, our government should lay down strict measures to control these tea firms for instance seeking royalties from the tea factories and tea estates for the leased land, and negotiate and device guidelines to transfer shares to the government or even to the land owners – the Nandi farmers.

    The new constitution provides a clear structure of reclaiming Public Lands and Community Lands. It gives powers to the county representatives to initiate reclaimation process and we expect this to kick-off.

    Governer, Nandi is very rich: see the fertility, favourable rainfall that boost our agriculture, the extensive dairy sector, the real estates, the potential of the youths, the tourist sceneries like Koitaleel museum, the rising technology, the education level of the population we have today, the decent culture, the list goes on and on.

    If we tap into these wealths, there’s is no county that will compare or match our success. We will surpass even the most developed county now in Kenya – Machakos County led by governor Alfred Mutua (ironically, Machakos is in a desert weather).

    Should all these be done on time Mheshimiwa, your rule will forever remain ultimate in the history of Nandi County.

    Yours sincerely;

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    Are you a Nandi county resident? Please suggest more solutions to all obstacles of developments in Nandi County and our governer may try these out for our collective and communial prosperity.

    Type more solutions to our problems in the comments box below and post.

    Add your Voice, Be Heard, Arise Nandi


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