A Protest That Puzzled People in Nandi County


February 2nd 2015, Monday in the morning at around 11AM,thousands of residents of Nandi County gathered and went for the most civilized demonstration in the County’s headquarters in  Kapsabet town.

The demo came as an absolute surprise to sycophants who had written tens of posts and hundreds of curses and thousands of comments on BNC group that tear gas, bullets, injuries and deaths will accompany the marching protest to the Nandi County offices.

To their amazement, a wise, strong and brave team of men and women from inbounds of county held anti-governer protests in the most peaceful and  organized demonstration ever held in Nandi. Even with the massive presence of fully-geared military and police patrols, this did not scare men and women on a move to air the failures that were described on placards, papers, banners and t-shirts. It became clear that somehow the enforcers in uniform understood and supported the noble cause to bring to an end corruption, embezzlement of funds, stalled projects, wasteful spending, incompetency, and marginalization of some communities.

Anti-riot military and police patrol in the mix of protest - Peaceful

The ultimate distinction between those who agreed to go for a demo and those who didn’t (excluding those who supported it but never attended, or supported in dialogue like me) is what has been famously known as handouts! Political handouts!

My English dictionary explains this as:

noun (plural handouts)

1. A worksheet, leaflet, or pamphlet that is given out (usually by hand) for a certain use.

2. (senseid) A gift to the poor or needy.

For this reason, my meaning falls in the second meaning, and with little modification this becomes:

“Money or gifts given freely to a needy person so that he/she can sing you praises and underestimate other people, especially your opponents.”

It is now obviously simple to guess who gets the handouts and who doesn’t on social media and the situation is getting worse because some have taken the notch higher making posts and comments  become personal! This is not new or alarming because they say politics doesn’t have a permanent friend nor a permanent enemy.

Political bickering and petty arguments should not divide the united community. The pro-governer and anti-governer are still two sides of the same coin. We still have our home that we must support wholeheartedly and solve all the problems for our success and it is us the people to change our attitude towards our leaders and fellow county residents, wine and dine on the same table chatting the way forward of our county, because, we have the prosperity of Nandi at heart.

I believe, against popular rumors, that governer Cleophas Lagat DOES NOT GIVE HANDOUTS to those propagandist abusing others on facebook. A whole county CEO cannot pay someone to humiliate others. They’re just but opportunists that think their strong and likely obscene objection to criticism will win the favour of the governer. CL is learned and I trust he doesn’t subscribe to this school of thought.

This is a critical time for a need of leadership that the Nandi people can trust, leadership that will not conceal what can be explained and justified, leadership that will hold our liberties sacred. If we had leaders today that understand Nandis have been enduring pain through lamentable poverty, they’ll all be at risk as never before if the Nandi residents conclude, in the wake of another demo, that their safety has come second to bureaucratic inertia, political expediency and partisanship. Interest of the people, like eradicating poverty and continuous developments must come first.

Arise Nandi is a tag, a call and a prayer for a united prosperity for the Nandi People.

Great achievers develop their mental energy into vision.

Great achievers develop their physical energy into discipline.

Great achievers develop their emotional energy into passion.

Great achievers develop their spiritual energy into conscience – their inward moral sense of what is right and wrong and their drive towards meaning and contribution.

I emphasize that governer cannot pay few men to shout the loudest on facebook and abuse others who are inclined on positive critics.


Arise Nandi.

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