The Mystery of Theft and Suspension of 6 Officers in Nandi County


Two Laptops/Dizzy Sample Office

Theft reports in Nandi County has been marred with uinmaginable politics that are now spreading in the grassroots like wildfire in a desert grassland. Reports that two laptops were stolen from the procurement Department, two from the Registry and one from Trade Chief Officer gives a total of 5 stolen machines and as a result, 6 officers in Nandi County were suspended following the incident.When this sacking rocked hard the airwaves, mixed reactions of the watchful and keen public went to Social Media to discuss the credibility of claims made by the county. So far so good, some residents believed it and perhaps felt they had misplaced their trust to personnel who worked in the named departments, plus the overall oversight officers for failing to be responsible and accountable for office equipment, or giving a hand in the said crime that led to the loss.

But many doubted the theft claims. If indeed the drama was stagemanaged like some suggested on Social Media, then N C government have grossly failed their mandate and bertayed thousands of residents. Allegations notes that the government wanted to conceal something sinister, and therefore faking it all up! It is alleged that the county government of Nandi stage-managed the theft of laptops believed to have had “critical information/revenue collection”, so that auditors who were investigating public funds expenditure and developments would not find the traces and evidences of wastage, corruption and embezzlement of Nandi County property.

Word on the streets allege that this was faked up to keep auditors at bay and buy more time to balance the sheet that would have revealed corruption, imbalance and the missing public money.

Unbelievable that there was a break-in and theft carried out, questions and doubts lingered because of the following reasons:

1. There are security officers from the gate all the way in.

Didn’t they arrest or saw the thieves escaping?

2. Office equipment are assigned to known individual in known offices of various departments and the finger of suspicion would have been pointed to specific officials in affected offices but not the collective suspension and blame game.

Why were some officials who doesn’t work on affected offices suspended?

3. Were they laptops or desktops?

4. ——————————————–

County Secretary Francis Ominde said that the suspension of the six will pave way for police to conduct investigation which have already commenced.

“The computers had payroll data, revenues collection information and other vital records,” Ominde said. He also added that the suspended officers are believed to have habitually tampered with figures to portray that everything was fine when actually the bank figures and the information in the computers did not tally.

Who’s fooling who?

Posted on Anti-corruption Website on Monday, September 29, 2014

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has successfully undertaken a sensitization and anti-corruption progamme in Nandi County which culminated in the signing of a commitment by the County to fight corruption, and develop and deploy proper systems of transparency and accountability. The action plan signed by the Nandi government leaders was developed in a consultative and participatory manner with the officials of the county government and consensus reached on the timelines of implementation of various actions.

The sensitization and anti corruption campaign focused on engaging the public, the county government, the county assembly and other key stakeholders on issues of leadership, integrity, ethics and anti-corruption. The one week campaign was held on 15-19 September.

EACC Vice Chairperson, Ms Irene Keino and Commissioner Prof Jane Onsongo who led the campaign said that the Commission will closely monitor the implementation of the commitment.

Addressing the Nandi County Government officials and residents who attended the public meeting in Kapsabet Town where the signing took place, the commissioners called on the leaders to put in place robust anti-corruption policies and legislation to support and complement the efforts in the fight against corruption in the county.

The Commissioners said that EACC will take action on reports of corrupt practices presented by residents of Nandi County during the anti-corruption week.

“The Commission will undertake full investigations on the various corruption reports received and take appropriate action as provided by the law,” said Ms Keino. Residents of Nandi County made 50 corruption reports to EACC. Most of the reports were received as the EACC team visited and engaged the public in 23 market centres across the county.

The reports range from land grabbing, bribery demands from traffic police officers, sale of government medicine in private chemists, favouritism in disbursement of funds meant for the elderly citizens, and irregularities in procurement of goods and services.

There was also a strong concern from the residents on the poor state of roads in the County and unfulfilled promises to support water projects.  Prof Onsongo challenged the residents of Nandi County not only to vigorously and robustly participate in the war against corruption but also not to tolerate the vice.

“The success or failure of the Nandi County will depend on how you will embrace integrity in your affairs,” said Prof Onsongo.

The programme also sensitized Members of the County Assembly on anti-corruption, ethics and integrity and on their role in the fight against corruption in the performance of their oversight, legislative and representation functions. Schools were also not left out in the sensitization programme. The school outreach programme designed to mainstream ethics and integrity in the formal education system covered four primary schools, six secondary schools and one teacher training college across the Nandi County. In the process, a total of 7,210 pupils and students and 446 teaching and other staff were sensitised. 

The Commission has so far implemented sensitisation and anti-corruption programmes in three Counties. The programme targeting all the 47 counties will be gradually rolled out in the remaining Counties. The campaign is meant to empower local communities to participate in public affairs and enlist their support in the fight against corruption at the grassroots level. It is also meant to offer corruption prevention advisories to County governments. In addition, it will sensitise Members of County Assemblies across the country on their role in the fight against corruption, and educate school managers, teachers and students on mainstreaming ethics, integrity and anti-corruption in learning institutions by setting up Integrity Clubs.

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