The Strength of a Woman – Women Enterprise Fund in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills Catholic Hall - WEF Meeting

Arise Nandi was in the presence of Nandi Hills, Tindiret and Aldai women groups to witness issuance of loans and women empowerment done by WEF – Women Enterprise Fund, Nominated MCA Consolata Rop among other officers.

In the meeting held in Nandi Hills Town, Women Enterprise Fund issued loans with advice on how to use and repay loans – in line with Kenya Vision 2030 and Millennium Development Goals.

The groups in attendance from various parts of Nandi County was with an Aldai women group called Kong’eet Lug from Koyo that set a standard of economically empowered women – a good example that became a subject of study 28th of March 2015 in Catholic Hall, with the presence of Hon Consolata Rop, Nominated MCA who was in the front line spearheading the issuance and women empowerment.

County’s Women Representative honourable Zipporah Kering was not present.

It was a group that received the highest amount of money – a half a million shillings. Their representative addressed the congregation and said they started from Ksh 50,000.
Caroline Chepsiror, in her speech hinted that there must be strict guidelines to manage and run groups. She said that women are trustworthy and that’s the reason that WEF and the government are supporting them.

There was a lump sum of Ksh 2 million on the table that was approved to be disbursed to women groups that were in the hall.

Officer Steve Cherwon Too working in the Ministry of Devolition and Planning mentioned that women fund was allocated more money in the government than the rest of the dockets like youths.

Steve focused his talk on how these money have changed the life of women and urged them to come out of villages and embrace the business in the towns or CBDs. “Business in villages are less profitable and many customers take goods on credit but in town the business goods goes on cash than in villages – hence profitable and stable” He said.

He added that cash business is highly likely to prosper than credit business.

He also talked about YEP – Youth Enterprise Fund and Too said that youths above 40 years should have investments and no longer involved in youth groups. He said YEP is now ready to give loans to youth as soon as applications are received and approved. He insisted that YEP was ready to fund Green House projects. Ksh 358 million shillings was allocated for youths interested to run Green House businesses. In his speech he said applications must meet the following conditions:

  • – The project must be close to a water source.
  • – Have at least a quarter an acre of land.
  • – The applying party must pay ten percent of the money they’ll receive in advance.

“Any ready group can access the money now, please inform as many youths as possible.”

Stated Steve.

He added that Uwezo Fund was available and ready to disburse the first lot but without grace period and any group that hasn’t defaulted loans can be given the next loan without tedious processes.

Businesses that qualify RRI – Rapid Results Initiative and without CRB – Credit Reference Beureau are also served the next loans without much restrictions.

He mentioned an opportunity of Samoei University and hinted supply tenders of vegetables and milk, an opportunity that Mama Mboga can seize.

DSDO For Nandi Hills and Aldai – Mr Ruto.

He supported women by airing out the challenges affecting the groups. Time of releasing funds and possibility of top-up funds to finance their running projects before the whole capital is repaid, was his point of concern.

Mr. Lagat – WEF Nyanza Region

Lagat gave WEF statistics and said they had given loans to over 8,300 women groups in Nyanza Region where Nandi Hills Sub County is included, an  amount exceeding 6 billion shillings.

This year, 1.3 billion shillings was planned to be disbursed to women self help groups but the figures increased to 1.6 billion according to the increasing demand of women enterprises and the goverment’s need to empower over 51% of women population in Kenya.

Economic empowerment is stimulated by loans and Women Entrprise Fund encouraged women to take loans and venture into business and take 30% of tenders and contracts in the government that was allocated to youths and women.

Nandi County at large has since recieved a total of 50 million and Nandi Hills 11 million while Tindiret sub-county took 8 millions, and both with above 80%
payment rates, that Emgwen constituency leads with 101%.


Nandi Hills have a total of Ksh 2.1 million arears while Tindiret has 1 million.

Nasoline Akinyi: On Group Leadership and Management

Akinyi was a colossal example of a woman in two groups and taking leadership responsibilities in one Sweet Ladies women group in Nandi Hills.

“Money loaned to a project is wholly spent to that specific business without side expenditures. I understand my group members and I vet how much each member deserves to take.” Akinyi said.

She encouraged women and adviced them to toughen up on group rules and group businesses. She encouraged table banking saying that this activity makes the group strong.

“Open a different savings account for the group because it helps during emergencies, like when a member in the group is sick/hospitalized, and is not able to run her business, therefore the group savings will pay for her before she resumes business.” Akinyi finished.

Nominated MCA Hon. Consolata Rop

She lauded women with Yes We Can slogan for US president Barack Obama. Madam Consolata asked women that if WEF can give women group from Aldai Ksh 500,000 then how much can the county give?

She promised to innvolve governer Cleophas Lagat to recognize the strength of a woman in Nandi Hills and initiate revolving funds to women groups.
She supported women and faulted the governer for failing to fulfill the promise of household piped water supply that could have economically empower
women to irrigate their farms and sell their vegetables that are now scarce in town and outskirts. 

She called for Kosoiywo, Bondeni and Ndubusach women to embrace the electrification from Kenya Power and Lighting Company, saying this will catapult economic properity of those women involved in Kenchic poultry farming and other electric-aided businesses.

Nandi Hills Deputy Commissioner

D.C. spoke about community vices like alcoholism as the obstacles of success. He urged family unions and collective responsibility for the family and adviced women that money should not be the reason of family break-ups. To fight poverty, DC joined other speakers in encouraging women to take WEF loans for the success of everyone in the society.

He promised to provide security in the sub-county and improved policing service. He said the law will not spare the defaulters and those who flee after getting the
loans will face the law.

“Education is paramount for a
successful community.”

He urged parents to ensure their
sons and daughters are empowered in education as well. He said his office is accesible and all the residents can access services they require from his office.

Cheque Distribution

  1. • Kongeet Lug Women Group took 500,000 (highest amount given)
  2. • Kapkoros Women Group 350,000 (second highest amount)
  3. • Chebaibai Women Group 200,000
  4. • Taachasis Women Group 200,000
  5. • Kapkembur, Kabote Women Group among others took cheques handed over by Mr Lagat, Hon Consolata and Nandi Hills DC.

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