Exposed Intelligence – The Secret Service Agents of Nandi County Governer


Call them Agents. Officers. Enemies of truth and reality. Intels. Brand them a gullible and impressionable lot. Call them a bunch of liars or men in black, if you wish. But whatever you say, you are unlikely to sway for even an inch the belief of the residents of Nandi County on the now exposed secret intelligence of Cleophas Lagat.

They are known individuals that protect the good, the bad and the ugly of Mr Lagat in verbal and in written dialogue wherever they are.Like the oath of the army, they have vowed to protect even the very corrupt and abusive powers that have wasted resources and growth of Nandi for 3 solid years, that has made the productive county poor – a state that has affected and afflicted the less fortunate with prolonged suffering, and thereafter blamed and called fools who are not creative and innovative. Surprisingly, these loyal agents are involved in the same fate directly or indirectly and in one way or the other. Impressive!

With a secret like that, at some point the secret itself becomes irrelevant. The fact that you kept it does not.

– Sara Gruen , Water for Elephants.

Their earnings are not salaries but Handouts. This secret army have since been known as sycophants who are very tricky and ready anytime to make and spread propaganda just to hide their atrocities and divert the public attention away from the reality of their bosses’ mission to rob dry the whole county and embezzle the tax payers’ money, that resulted in anti-governer mass demonstration on February 2nd, 2015.

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

– Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack.

Every once in a week or so, they are said to be briefing the governer on who is who, who is where, who said what and who should, or not join ‘our’ government. Additionally, duties of these hired goons include providing advice on how to develop Nandi County, budget estimations, preferred contractors, “eligible” candidates and provide a methodology of how to eliminate dangerous targets – all done on grounds of selfish interests and ignoring the public outcry.

Most often, they use dangerous profanic weapons to those identified as activists, targets or enemies and in worst case scenario they throw blows and kicks to harm the very innocent.  Their commander in chief is Lagat aka Chematel, and the batallion captain is allegedly a furious old man using 3 names on social media forums. This captain is suspected  to scribe the speeches of their commander using googled data instead of real situation of how things are on the ground. Amazing!


The Tricks

They operate fake facebook and twitter accounts to conceal their identities and use them to post unreasonable feeds that target the opposition and other individuals that emphasize on transparency and accountability.

There are also few desparate volunteer intels that try so hard to to show loyalty and support to Lagat, at least to win either of the following favours;

a)  Be inserted into the handouts payroll, and/or

b)  Get contracts or employment opportunities.

Arise Nandi ponders from the biblical point of view.

Job 34:17

Should one who hates justice govern? will you condemn Him who is most just?

Arise Nandi disqualifies them because in heated debates on social media forums, both expert and naive sycophants forget their oaths and spill the beans on what’s happening behind the closed doors of county offices, which is a direct violation of their rules. Profiling of individuals of Team Transparency among them Wakili Cherargei will not stop the spirit to advocate for open and transparent governance, generous and equitable resource distribution and anti-corrupt and developing county.

Wakili Cherargei was attacked recently by alleged hired hitmen and injured him on the leg. The attack is seen as part of a strategy to force him to ‘voluntarily’ relinquish the leadership of the Team Transparency and Okoa Nandi Group, which has increasingly agitated for the impeachment of Governor Lagat.

Speaking to Northrift Politics, he said “I believe I am being targeted because of my activities in demanding for transparency in Nandi County, but I will not be shaken because I know I have the backing of wananchi who are also demanding for accountability. This is a way of intimidating me and others who are fighting for the community,but we will not be shaken”.

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