Arise Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Coming Soon!

Yasha, Dismas and Josh

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been my thought to come out stronger, bigger and better on Arise Nandi blogging and Community Empowerment – using exclusive pictures from within our villages across Nandi, and from participanting friends and bloggers willing to join the Challenge from their respective nations in the world to share their passionate photos and stories therein, to inspire and transform our society.

I am starting this noble initiative to change the stories of our Nandi Communities using photos that highlights our success stories, our dailies, lifestyles and more in just a picture or two per week – with a little description on what’s in the picture.

The enjoyable part of this idea is the Challenge it comes with it!

Arise Nandi Weekly Photo Challenge is a weekly photo posting on arisenandi blog that consist of landscapes, projects, people, places, selfies and daily activities (e.g. digging, planting etc) to bring a different perspective about Nandi Community that is at times biased, and also describe the state at which we’re today.

Fellow bloggers and friends from Kenya and the world over are greatly welcomed to participate in this Challenge.


Each week, I will upload a photo or two with a topic starting with the following words; “Arise Weekly Photo – …” and finish with the purpose of it to end the topic, and then type its description in the body text and relevance of the photo that particular week.

You’re therefore invited to see the photo and comment with related photo by linking to your chosen image from your blog/source by pasting image link in the comments section below every (subsequent) Weekly Photo posts with a brief paragraph about your passion on that photo and how you think it will impact the society. And its done! 

All said and done, the idea is just to share something unusual, fun — to make people pause, smile and embrace creativity in photography, or just generally shake things up a little!


This will be an ongoing event and depending on participation and interest, I will start showcasing some “Best Of The Month Photo” galleries from participants.

Above all else, let’s make it fun!

Make Friends.

Create an online network.

Grow Together.

I look forward to seeing your images.

Two things that made me come up with this weekly commitment:

— The love of photography.

— The love of Nandi Hills greatest sceneries.

— Our lifestyles.

— To make friends and establish a good network of creative minds.

I am pleased to meet you here and hope I’ll see you around often, to share our love for photography and experiences in environment's spectacular landscapes, from the smallest to the biggest moments!

You can follow Arise Nandi via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or your WordPress account and please, feel free to join in and share your thoughts.


One thought on “Arise Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Coming Soon!


    I’ve always been fascinated with capturing moments using my phone. Before I realized my storage medium was full of photos and gallery sparkling with the beauty of digital pictures numbering several hundreds, my device’s RAM and speed had reduced. For the passion of it, I transferred all the photos to my laptop and deleted some I considered not catchy – to create free space on my phones’ memory card.

    I’ve continuously perfected my photography techniques and just recently, my photo gallery reads hundreds more with great photos of Nandi people, captured activities, few wonder stunts, forests, local resources and anything that striked my fancy.


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