Shortlisted Applicants in Nandi County & Postponed Categories

Due to public demand and request to give the shortlisted candidates’ names and dates of interviews for county jobs in Arise Nandi blog, I have uploaded the original Portable Document File as it was downloaded on Nandi County website.

Below (at the end) is the file for the first batch of candidates.

Arise Nandi congratulates all the shortlisted candidates for

various jobs in Nandi County, advertised December 2014 and wishes them all the best in the up coming final stage of selection. The process was fair and gender balanced and for this reason, Arise Nandi thanks the Nandi County Public Service Board for the job well done.

For update purposes, the downloadable PDF from county website provides the names, dates and hours for attending the interviews. The PDF below shows job groups L – N.

The missing categories in the list are, among them, ICT Officer II for Job Group K, in FINANCE, ECONOMIC PLANNING AND ICT where 6 positions were advertised, and jobs groups D, E, G, H, J, K and P are still under process. Applicants who applied for these positions are said to be under the selection process and shortlisted candidates for this groups will be released later.

However, the the dates of release for the remaining groups are still unknown.

All the best, ladies and gentlemen.

See this document for names and dates for interviews.


2. Click here to see the FINAL copy of name and closing dates for interviews.


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©Arise Nandi.


13 thoughts on “Shortlisted Applicants in Nandi County & Postponed Categories

    1. Hello Maiyo! You’re most welcomed here. The sole purpose of Arise Nandi is for all of us to unite, make our county better and prosper together.

      Keep checking in for more informative and exciting articles.

      Remember to Follow and subscribe with your mail below.


  1. all right, let me wish all the shortlisted applicants the best in their endeavours, however ; when will the county recruit youth polytechnic instructors?


    1. Kipruto, thanks for you comment in Arise Nandi. Polytechnic instructors vacancies may be published here on you favourite blog should they be announced.


    1. Hello Maritim Wilson, thank you for reading from Arise Nandi and posting your enquiry above. Jobs in the health sector have not been advertised. Once they’re out from Nandi County Public Service Board, we’ll let you know.

      Success in all your endevours.


    1. Hello Silas, thank for reading and inquiring from Arise Nandi. The government of Nandi County has not advertised posts for health and sanitation. Keep visiting and reading new articles here for it may be posted here as soon as they’re out.

      Enjoy the most innovative online initiative –


  2. interviews were done last year but i overheard there was lack of funds to finance the succesful persons what did county do about that either


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