The Passion of Writing and Making Cash Online

Have you ever been a freelance writer? Or better still, have you worked online and earn yourself money?

Earn Online with iWriter

Back in college with the usual hustles and bustles, I became interested in making money online and one day I found myself in the industry – writing articles. I was hired to research and create contents to various bosses and companies until I graduated to writing for my own blogs – and Arise Nandi is colossal success story plus more stuff I do to earn extra dollars online and offline.

Many youths in Nandi County and Kenya at large are in college while some are fresh graduates waiting to grab an employment opportunity that is a challenge to many young in this country.

But meanwhile, have you thought of earning through your internet bundles?

I can take you through the training to employ yourself through the internet – but first things first.

You need an online account with just not any freelance site – but the worlds’ best iWriter. I recommend this site because its plain simple to get a project, do it and submit, and your account topped up with your earnings.

And you’re few dollars rich!

So click here to sign up an account and later contact me to start you off the successful journey of writing job and becoming your own boss.

Register on iWriter today.

Note that iWriter is now affiliated with this blog, and following the link(s) and signing up is supporting Arise Nandi earn commissions to continue the community’s  work and online representation of our society.


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