Many Nandi County youths have devised successful tactics to interact and come together for a united county. One very effective way that our fellow youths have used to discuss life changing topics, news and emerging trends, politics, issues hindering our communities while suggesting  solutions… and more, is WhatsApp Messenger Group Chat.

The County We Want - WhatsApp Profile Picture

The Group Chat feature lets us interact with up to 100 fellow people at once. It is a great way to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues and county leaders who have joined us in shaping the future of the county we want.

Recently, I started a topic “The County I want” and I was amazed to have over 80% of group members participate, adding their voices (few of which are highlighted below) about the future of our county.

And before the dust would settle, Member of County Assembly Hon Hesbon Metto gave me a call to commend my thread and hinted about the leadership we truly deserve.

The following are excerpts of the group thread comments:

[20:42, 4/6/2015] Dismas:

The County I Want:

1. Nandi Government with educated, transparent and accountable leaders.

2. A county without brokers in between the citizens and the executive.

3. A county without individualistic pride and ranks, that belittle the less fortunate.

4. A Nandi with equity in shared resources for the success of all sub-counties.

5. A county that focus help towards the poor, rather than expand the rich-poor gap!

6. I want a selfless County.

7. A united people of Nandi.

8. A gender balanced placements without nepotism, kujuana, corruption, and hatred.




After my introductory topic, the following are few responses (personal IDs replaced with #)

[20:43, 4/6/2015] ‪#: a county that fights to boost infrastructure.

[20:43, 4/6/2015] #: A county with Executive committee members citizen friendly

[20:44, 4/6/2015] ‪#: A county with leadership wch is organized n well furnished

[20:58, 4/6/2015] ‪#: With development.

[20:59, 4/6/2015] ‪#: With cooperative and helpful leaders

[21:00, 4/6/2015] ‪#: With leading production and end satisfaction of the farmers

[21:02, 4/6/2015] #: A county with fulfilled promises not just hot air to fool residents of things never coming into reality.

[21:03, 4/6/2015] #: A county with frequent meetings with residents.

[21:04, 4/6/2015] #: A county with accessible offices and friendly officers, without tiresome appointments…

[21:05, 4/6/2015] #: A county that involve it’s citizen in financial budgetary for any financial year

[21:06, 4/6/2015] #: A county focused on development, not embezzlement!!

[21:06, 4/6/2015] #: I need the county executive to be transparent and accountable, that was òne of my agendas nikiomba kura…

[21:15, 4/6/2015] ‪#: A county free from corruption, developing in infrastructure, giving employment without favour in terms of kijicho.

[21:17, 4/6/2015] #: A county without leaders who give handouts, making some residents dependent, foolish and sycophantic!!

[21:23, 4/6/2015] ‪#: We need a county with men and women with diff,many and meaningful ideas who can stire up developments

[21:31, 4/6/2015] ‪#: I have never see an interactive and social MCA like hon Metto God bless u sir. Wangu ni baruck suge hata kol ashiki! Goodness! 2017 is around the corner Murage can second me.

And Many More…
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√ You’re DONE!


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