Untold Fate of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Visit To Nandi Hills

President Uhuru Kenyatta was set to visit Nandi today [10th] alongside other dignitaries to launch Samoei University College, issue Title Deeds, affirm recent county projects among other functions that Nandi leaders and residents of this county have long waited without success.

Photo:Arise Nandi

But the president will not come today and grassroot intelligence allege Uhuru has postponed his visit until Friday 17th April.

The possible reason he didn’t came is the ongoing Investment Conference in Kapsabet at its 3rd and the final day!

In another post highlighting previous visit of the head of state and his deputy, people were not happy about how Uhuru Kenyatta handled Kalenjin problems, politics and the future of Nandi County compared to other regions like Central Kenya.

However, citizens here knew about his visit with expectation to tackle the following major burning issues.

(a) Launch Koitaleel Samoei Uni
(b) Give title deeds
(c) County executive corruption scandals

Other minor issues:
(c) Tea economy
(d) Agriculture: Farmers pride

In Summary

The Launch

The introduction of this tertiary education centre in Nandi Hills was the genesis of successful future of the Nandi People and their learners still under studies and those who would like to add or advance their courses.

It is named after the community’s legendary leader and great seer Koitaleel Arap Samoei who was assassinated by british colonialist due to his confrontation and resistance to slavery and colonialism. His grave yard lies about a kilometer from the proposed university.

Although there came quick reactions when the society learnt that the school is but a constituent of Nairobi university and thus not independent, residents have since accepted this with a promise that the Samoei University will be fully fledged and independent after a year or two probably beginning immediately after the presidential launch.

The college will run the School of Law, School of Education and the School of Business before covering other faculties in the near future.

Nandi County and University of Nairobi (UoN) quoted Ksh 2 billion budget that would be used to build modern classrooms, administration block, staff houses, hostels and buy equipment.

Nandi Governor Cleophas Lagat, who hosted the UoN team last year on the fact-finding mission at Samoei High School, said the college would have campuses at Mosoriot TTC
for education and Kaiboi Technical for engineering, while Kaimosi Farmers Training College will be turned into the School of Agriculture.

– Daily Nation, Nov 20 2014.

Nandi are appreciative of the college because there will come economic, social and political benefits.

Community Lands and The Title Deeds

Hundreds of meetings and thousands (even millions) of money cumulative – have always been charged to every household for what has been termed as “payments for title deeds”. Decades have passed by without any sign of release for these land legal documents. Chebarus Farmers Society officials have made considerable income from the pockets of desperate farmers on this scheme and the community has never been happy about it, given the trust and the mandate bestowed to them. It reminds the old of pain they went through during the era that their lands were grabbed for tea estates, and pains the expanding younger generation for smaller and ever diminishing farms to live on.

Uhuru Kenyatta is now expected to offer a lifetime solution of land ownership, shade light on lease terms of tea industries and their expiry for the community lands used by EPK, Nandi Tea, Williamson/Kapchorua, Kakuzi among other tea industries in Nandi county.

Corruption and Farmers Appraisal

Nandi County is one of the most fertile and productive areas in the country. Farmers here have demanded value to their produce, access to  markets and increased feeder roads in rural areas. The commander in chief is expected to ease levy and custom duty charges to ease the movement of maize, beans, passion fruits, flowers and other products across the county boundaries.

Also in grassroot agenda is Uwezo Fund loans that is not felt in the region. Tedious processes ensuing the applications and requirements (like Uwezo training certificate – who trains?) makes many youths break their groups (and become vulnerable to vice) or some resort to other personal means of employment.


It the same old cry we wail everyday to let it stop, but many in this country turn the trodden tunes to music, and dance while tears cascade down on the select few – the poor. It is this that numb and seal the mouths of our representatives, lawyers and community advocates. It is this that makes the old cry and the young turn away from the right track, and this has made Nandi a falling county.

Public funds aren’t given to public and budget allocations aren’t generous because somebody sliced a lions’ share. That is why in Nandi Hills (despite your visit) still have a road with only crushed stones – unpassable, slowing down business.

Incomplete Road - Photo:AN

Tender allocation for youths and women are only read in Constitution or newspapers and occasionally heard in news.

The corruption list goes on and on…

This information is genuinely part of the suffering in our communities in Nandi. If at all the visit is expected to bring solutions, Arise Nandi does not promise that all problems will be solved. It remains with the President to promise and fullfil.

©Arise Nandi


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