Weekly Photo Challenge – Local Activity Goes International

Katy Films Grazing Cows ~ Photo|Dismas

Kalenjin people are one of the best tribes in Kenya in rearing domestic animals, and perhaps the largest community with various breeds of home animals.

This week’s entry (and first) of Weekly Photo Challenge in AriseNandi showcases a daily traditional activity of looking after the cattle in the fields and forests for their food – the grass.

Normally cows, goats and sheep are are grazed out of the homestead and brought back late in the evening and tied up in their secluded zoo/menagerie.

But just before the dusk is over, cows are milked and then left overnight for another milking early in the morning and back to the fields for grazing – and this happens daily with slight changes though.

Please participate in this WPC and let us know what are some of the daily activities done in your home area! Remember to include photos and/or links.

The challenge is international!

Over the last 3 weeks, Arise Nandi has recorded the highest number of traffic from European Union with an average of 20 views per day!

In your observation, what is a daily activity people do around you? Scroll down to comments, write and post!


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