My Keynote Speech in Kapsabet – County Youth Party

My Keynote Speech - Kapsabet Tortoise Hotel

Thank you. Asanteni sana. It’s good to be here and to meet you all in person. We have exchanged messages and phone calls, but it’s hard to really know someone until you’ve met face to face. And today I’m glad I’ve met Honourable Hesbon Metto,

Daktari Meli, Youth Bunge leaders, Youth representative Mr Koros and my fellow youths like Vincent aka Murage, Basgey, Birgen, Jeff, Carol, Mzalendo, Judy, Cherop, Kiptoo Ruto, Nicole, Sharon among other amazing beautiful and handsome friends!

Being a young person growing up in a rural part of the developing world, I have never liked to be called a “leader of tomorrow”. Many of our politicians have adopted this phrase, always calling the youths “leaders of tomorrow”.

Are you the leaders of tomorrow? As for me, I strongly deny that… because I am a leader of TODAY and tomorrow. And you’re!

There are many issues facing us today, which really need our collective attention. High rates of unemployment, poverty and political conflicts.

We can all do something to change and come out stronger out of these challenges. We constitute the highest numbers in the county population, over 70% and we can use this advantage to make our voices heard and have our youth affairs find its fair share of attention and assistance it deserves.

Ladies and gentlemen, changing the Nandi County is not a matter of carrying on our shoulders weapons of mass destruction. It is not an issue of holding terrorising demonstrations in our streets. It is not about looting public places nor hurting our political opponents; but it is about coming up with good initiatives and constructive actions.

Our significant numbers can change leaders. If we unite and agree in one accord, like we have done today, we can vote in leaders with a bias in youths, with our interest in their hearts: and that leader is amongst us waiting!

It is not too late for us to stand together in a common battle of making Nandi a prosperous county and a place to be for all of us. I’ve once read in a billboard that “Be the Change Yourself“.

I therefore decided to be a change agent and the best way I could influence change was through blogging which was a sure way to reach many youths, leaders and representatives  – blogging about our success stories, publishing our economic potentials, educating and awareness, news and politics.

And there came the now popular blog in the county – Arise Nandi.

Dismas and Birgen

This blog is trending at home and receiving views from European Union, USA and several countries in Africa and abroad.  I started an independent category called Youth of The Month, which serves a series of posts about youths who have rendered their services and time to transform our villages. This program attempts to brings youth together into a pool of potential changers, one at a time. Already I’ve featured 2 who have been involved in community empowerment helping to reduce the challenges I mentioned, and I’ve more lined up this and subsequent months.

It was a successful party cum meeting of a number of youths and leaders of Nandi County. I represented Nandi Hills Sub-County and the theme were development and unity.

Honourable Hesbon Metto Ngechek MCA as well as Deputy Speaker of County Assembly was chief sponsor and chief guest. He was lauded by youths in and out of his ward for being very developmental, friendly and indeed very supportive to youths and PWDs (people with disabilities).

Metto is very interactive with groups of youths on Social Media discussing devolution, developments and future of our county and he remains the only supportive and connected leader with youths.

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Dismas and Murage


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