Youth of The Month – Edwin Kiptanui Kichwen


As Wikipedia describes Nandi Hills as “cradle land of Kenyan running”, this month edition of Arise Nandi’s Youth of The Month features an athlete in Mogoiywet Centre, Nandi Hills. Road racer or a long distance runner, Edwin Kiptanui Kichwen is a professional athlete who has achieved various victories in his athletic career.

Born 2nd of January in 1986, he realized his running career in High School, Koitabut Secondary at Form II while running a school cross-country district competition, where Edwin was announced a winner.

Due to fee constraints he transferred to Salvation Army Imusutsu High School and in 2003 in Form III, our athlete participated in inter-school zonal competition, where he ran and won barefoot a 12 kilometer cross-country race, where at the finishing line he realized his feet was bleeding after running on a coarse road. This occurance, he says was the day he’ll never forget.

2004, after participating in District competition he became position 6 and given a ticket to run in National Competition in Meru and took number 11.

After School Athletic History

Vihiga Constituency had organized a District Cross Country in Vihiga Boys where he was ranked number 3 in 2005. His first prizes comprised of 2kilograms of sugar from Mumias Company and one thousand Kenya shillings.

He came home happy, and another race came up in Kakamega airstrip for Provincional competition where this’ month youth of Arise Nandi became position 21.

There was a pause of 8 months due to an injury. 2006 February he started a slow paced training to recover and in June participated in Track and Field 1500 meters in Moi Stadium, Kisumu and clinched the best top ten having numbered at position 7 at 3:50:07 timed.

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After several minor races, there came his 3 advanced races.

1. Huruma Grounds X country.
It was going to be his good ran race but after 600 meters from the starting point, he was obstructed, slid and fell down but soldiered on… appearing in top 100 after finishing at 74.

2. Nairobi Standard Chartered.
Running for 21 kilometers in 2010, Edwin became number 18. It was held in Nairobi around the CBD and finishing in Nyayo Stadium. His best time during this time and race was 64:50:03.

3. Eldoret Family Bank.
It was in 2011 and the race was 21 kilometers held in Eldoret, the city of champions. He ran among other Uasin Gishu champions and appeared in Position 15 taking a duration of 64:38:.. and this race was his ladder to Europe.

Italy – Best & Memorable Moment

After Family bank race, Edwin met a friend who set him a race time limit before he had ran. Mr. Meli, a friend who admired his talent and determination to be a winner, promised him overseas race should he achieve the set time which our athlete ran and finished in time. Meli therefore linked him with a manager in Italy and the trip was immediately arranged.

Without a passport, Edwin went to Kisumu in search for one, and miraculously his passport was processed and issued the same day. Honourable Sammy Choge, then Aldai politician helped facilitated the processing and after 3 hours of busy work, Edwin had his passport.

After two weeks already armed with a passport, he set out to Wilson Airport and boarded ETH 707 plane, seat number 16C, Economic Class and flew to Italy with one stop in Ethiopia at Bole Airport and changed the plane, boarding ETH 708 to Rome, Fiumicino Airport.

Staying for 3 months in Italy, Tuscany, Siena, and ran 12 races running 4 each month. Out of 12 races he won 3 races in San Pocro, Fuccheochio and Foiano.

He became position 2 in several competitions that were held Serramana, Cosenza, Cagliari among others.

Now and The Future

Edwin has been invited for a race in China that is said to be held on 14th June 2015. He is planning his travel program and Arise Nandi wishes him all the best, as he advance to higher stages as well as being a role model to upcoming athletes, and youths blessed with different talents – to prosper together as one.

Parting shot:-

The only risk we’ve to fear is fear itself – Richard Branson.

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