UPDATED: Nandi Hills Declaration at Samoei Community Consultative Meeting – Rescuing KoSUC

Nandi Hills mountains horizons

The proposed Koitaleel Samoei University College in Nandi Hills has been for some time rumored to be relocating from Nandi Hills to Mosoriot TTC, under the circumstances unknown to the community. But on Saturday 30th of May 2015, residents of Nandi Hills convened a meeting at Samoei Nursery to get the truth or false of the allegations, dot the i’s and cross the t’s to rescue the treasure carrying the name and the totem of Nandi’s legend and hero Orkoiyiot Koitaleel Arap Samoei.

The Nandi hills Community React to the news of relocation of The proposed University.

Residents of Nandi hills Sub County today in a public forum held at the Samoei Nursery ground aired their grievances and complains during the Nandi Hills Community Consultative Forum pertaining to the rumours that the proposed Koitalel Samoei University will be located in Mosoriot Teachers Training College. The charged controlled mammoth crowd amicably agreed to resolutions which were taken and read by Dr Ben Lagat.

Among the matters raised and questioned by the residents was the scheme to hijack what they claim is their birth right to Mosoriot TTC, the allegation that the County Government of Nandi officials harassing the staff seconded by the University of Nairobi, that the BOG of Samoei Boys School refused to give structures to the university yet the community had recommended to the Board to hand over some classrooms in a resolution passed in the last quarter of 2014, a thing which prompted Council for University Education CUE to recommend Mosoriot TTC, that 70% of the Steering committee members of the proposed Koitalel Samoei University come from Mosop Sub-county among others.

In attendance to the public forum were; Wakili George Tarus the Legal Advisor to the CGN, Wakili Cherargei, a known civil right activist in Nandi County from Chesumei Sub county, Hon Fred, MCA of Kapsabet Ward, Hon. Consolata Rop Nominated, Dr Ben Lagat of UoE, Joel Chemiron of Egerton University, Mr Peter Maiyo, Chairman of Parents Association Nandi County, Mr David Sum, and the Nandi gaa Kaburwo elders, among others.

The mass resolved to present the Resolution passed to the Deputy President Hon. William Ruto for further clarification, action and assistance. Also passed in the meeting was the need to have a Peaceful demonstration on Thursday 4th June in Nandi hills town.

Compiled By: Kiplimo Tuwei Koiya

Two Evidence in History – A Similar Occasion Back in Early 70’s

Early 70’s Jean-Marie Seroney and Daniel Arap Moi were two most popular politicians of the land, but the two did not read from the same script. Moi was the Deputy President but Seroney, Kalenjin spokesman, was most popular on the ground because Moi was perceived to be watching “big wigs” from Jomo Kenyatta’s government grabbing Kalenjin lands without taking any action as a VP.

The two had their difference widening, and Seroney decided to establish Samoei Institute For Technology and Education in Nandi Hills. Moi however used his powers as the vice president and undermined his ambitions, and went ahead to downgrade an already registered institute lowering it to an harambee-raised secondary school, much to the dismay of Nandi People.

Shockingly, the Samoei Institute For Technology and Education was deregistered.

Despite strong opposition, the late Seroney won and retained his seat against Moi’s preferred candidates.

About two decades ago, the community of Nandi had established a land in Kapkagaroon and declared it public. The community decided that for the land to benefit all, they’ll construct a university in Kapkagaroon and it was named Samoei University. The sign post of the university was placed in Nandi Hills junction but it was later removed after a furious land disputes between the community and then Tindiret MP Henry Kosgei. The member of parliament claimed the land was his own and not public making the matters more and more complex.

Initially, the Nandis had for long confronted Eastern Produce Kenya, a leading tea company in Nandi County to give back the portion of land from Siret estates (Kapkagaroon area) to the community and help in constructing the campus but EPK did not paint a clear picture upon the deal.

Strange how Henry Kosgei who was the longest serving MP was reported to own the land, scrubbing the dream of a university in Nandi Hills and silencing the residents with heavy military presence manning the said land. Several times has Kosgei brushed shoulders with the Nandi community on matters land ownership… .

Currently, a secondary school for our hero Jean Marie Seroney has been built and still under development. His vision to have a tertiary education in Nandi Hills was cut short, but as the community met and gave the same vision now for Koitaleel Samoei University, Arise Nandi hopes that this will be successful, as our late heroes and heroines were.


°•° Wikipedia – Jean Marie Seroney

°•° The Nandi Hills Online – Sharing Our World with The World


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