8 Smart Pictures of Great Nandi Hills Youth Forum

As Vote of Thanks was presided over by Gideon Koech to mark the end of the great event on 30th evening, Arise Nandi randomly grouped 8 wonderful photos to publish and also to thank the Nandi County Youths who attended, all the VIPs that came to empower youths in various capacities, and the strong team of the steering committee who tirelessly put things together to the success of the forum.

In Pictures


The youths from all walks of lives graced the great transformative forum and the lessons learnt in the Hall were subject to excellence of every youth. Topics ranging from Drugs and Substance abuse, Investment for economic prosperity, Agribusiness, Education to Employment opportunities available in tea industries around Nandi were tabled.


Hon Consolata Rop lauded the unity the importance of togetherness and unity as a whole, regardless of difference of social and political opinions. She urged that accepting diversity is a foundation of unity and thus strength to achieving success in life will automatically come.

Unity = Strength = Success.


Dr David Tarus was our high profile guest. He took youth into Agribusiness basics, pros and cons and touched about broadly available opportunities in IT industry. He adviced youths on simplest tasks to take and earn a living in the current highly competitive world. David Tarus has travelled across the World in over 50 nations and schooled in Kenya and USA.


Mheshimiwa Koros presentation before Question-Answer session.



The KCB Branch Manager talked about Investments. His presentation was accompanied by practical examples of how youths can deal with money, money that will add value to their business and therefore their lives. He advised youths to engage with banking institutions and borrow money (loans) and start entrepreneural projects and become entrepreneurs, not businessmen/women.


Mrs Emily Sigot was calm and composed and step by step presented key functions of the Youth Ministry in the county. As the CO in the docket she explained categorically how the government is ready to fund youths with economic projects, especially in the IT/ICT sector.


Question and Answer session got Mr Koros Kiptoo the youth representative on a “HotSeat.” Nandi Hills felt that they have been sidelined several times in public participation and inclusion. Funding youths in Nandi Hills, like Koros mentioned, became a news to this town because close allies of the Governer and the County Government come from Mosop area, and youths from the area have enjoyed funds and empowerment than the marginalized areas.
The Power of Social Media

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Goerge Tarus speaking.

Other invited guests: Deputy Governer Nandi County Hon Dominic Biwott [absent with apology], George Tarus, Dr Ben, Dr. David Tarus, Mrs Leah from Eastern Produce Kenya, Trans Bank, Coop Bank, Tankoi Procurement, Youth Ministry Cherwon, Mr Meli from KSUC, Jacob Sisey, etc.

Mr Meli, Administrator from Koitaleel Samoei University College was in to present the greatest resource we have in town – Samoei University, and welcomed youths to enroll and learn in the homeland’s treasure that had been romoured to be taken away from county’s most historic town. For more information about KSUC courses, fees, application and programs, click here.

CEC for Trade in Nandi County Jacob Sisey was in attendance and empowered youth in matters TRADE and how to liase with the trade ministry.


6 thoughts on “8 Smart Pictures of Great Nandi Hills Youth Forum

  1. This was a great job by our leaders back there at home. I regret to have missed this function but next time I hope I’ll be up to date. Congrats Nandi county. One people one Nandi more developments

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