The Controversial Multi-million Gate of Nandi County


The gate is part of our welcoming centre and plans to revamp our Nandi’s tourism potential. We have recently mapped out  66 viable tourism sites.

~ Governer Cleophas Lagat.

Situated in Mlango Centre, the controversial gate has

received a furious backlash from the residents of Nandi against its government that allegedly allocated unconfirmed 50 millions shillings to a mere gate. Other sources claim 30 million and some 20 million.

Governer for Nandi County Hon. Cleophas Lagat has since refuted the now infamous claims by the public that the Mlango gate was allocated 20 Million in the recently passed County Budget for 2015/16 financial Year.

He said the project had been allocated 14.5 million shillings and termed it as “welcoming centre” which the county’s Tourism department intends to use as a gateway to Nandi from Uasin Gishu.

The 14.5M funds is broken down to the following projects, according to the budget.

    • A fuel station at the gate.
    • An entrance column.
    • A tourism information centre.
    • Artifacts.
    • Curio shops.


    1. The controversial gate was not allocated the 14.5 million like reported by Cleophas Lagat recently to the invited journalists. The public believes that the previously leaked amount said to be above 30 million shillings was indeed the initial allocation.

    2. The article written by Rael Jelimo on Standard Newspaper dated 6/7/2015 titled “Governer clarifies cost of gate” is believed to be used to manipulate the public to accept 14.5M and not the 20M, written on the same news article.

    3. The county-wide outcry believes the gate was used as a scapegoat to embezzle funds. Until now, construction of above dot points that accompany the gate has not started.

    4. Many residents of Nandi have seen the gate and have termed it as a “mere gate” implying that the gate is substandard from observation. In this case therefore, the governor’s amount cannot still quantify the standard of the gate including the construction of curio shops, fuel filling station, tourism information centre and the pedestrian walkway! 14.5M will be insufficient to construct all the said structures!!

    5. With all these colliding information and sluggish and stalled developments… it is evident that the Lagat administration and ilk is very corrupt.


    5. Reccomendation: To STOP CORRUPTION, a group of a public watchdog CBO should be formed/enacted so that the voice of the people of Nandi can be represented in a formal way. Allegations of this level of impunity deserves a court case filed a group/lobby. Such mysterious budget allocations deserves independent audit investigations for Nandi People to see justice done to them. #OperationRescueNandi.

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    11 thoughts on “The Controversial Multi-million Gate of Nandi County

    1. Nandi County has been lagging behind so many decades and seems it is a taboo to do so. It is a high time corrupt leadership; the likes of governor Lagat should vacate the office to pave way for other young leaders who has a better vision for the county. Imagine most of the roads within the region are impassable during the rainy season while the leaders are busy minting and cooking figures to suit there requirements.

      Those who are advocating for “haki yetu” to gather enough courage and face these radicals.


      1. Isaack Rono, I like your positive criticism against Nandi County Government that governer Cleophas Lagat leads. What we know as the citizens is that he will never rule us forever. His time to quit office is near, and you, me and other fellow Nandis will elect a new youthful leader to that office, and Nandi will rise again!

        I urge our community to stop money politics. We will fail and subjected to doom if all we do is choose our leaders based on the money they’ve and give out during their campaigns.

        It is high time that we choose leaders based on the content of their character, development agenda and showing a high level demonstratable love and patriotism to the community and the people, a leader whose qualities are exceptionally great with a good level of education.


    2. About the costs, some facts.
      1. In 2014-2015 Budget, 15,000,000 is allocated to Mlango gate in the Tourism Budget
      2. in the now rejected 2015-2016 Budget, 12,710,000 is allocated in the Tourism Budget

      Questions – 1) is the Gate a tourist attraction?
      2) No signs of any other work, now the Gate itself has been constructed – so where is this petrol station, curio shop, hotel/restaurant?
      3) Has it been built on the Road Reserve?
      4) Why doesn’t the Tourism Department answer these questions?


      1. David Cooke, thank you for stopping by and giving us this critical information. Cleophas Lagat the governer lied he used less than the amount you mentioned on that gate. I keep asking myself what kind of tourist will visit the controversial gate.

        What’s there to be toured? The other projects that were said to accompany the scandalised gate has never been initiated, the curio shops, petrol station, artifacts, and more ‘ghost projects’ that we don’t see on the ground.

        Mr Cooke, the Tourism Dpt cannot answer you those questions because they know it was a ‘cash-cow’ project used to pocket county public development funds.

        Do not stop pushing for accountability and responsibility of this county.


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