Nandi Meets For Historical Injustices and Declare Compensation


In Nandi Hills Sub-County hall, hundreds of elders, youths and leaders converged today (22nd July 2015) to discuss about the way forward on historical injustices  that has crippled Nandi Community for far too long, and the deserved compensation to the people.


Peter Sowon addresses the gathering.

Theme: Setting modalities for the pursuit of compensation/reparation for historical injustices occasioned to the Nandi people – pre and post Kenya’s independence.


Nandi Hills Sub-County Administrator Speaks

The Nandi people met to discuss how the community has been mistreated, abused and silenced for more than 10 decades whereby the great resources were, and is still bring grabbed until this century of independence. Sons, daughters and siblings of the late great grand parents are not happy  living in the unyielding hills with nothing but labour and hand-to-mouth living conditions. In the meeting, the representatives of Nandi Council of Elders expressed without fear the need to compensate the community that has remained benevolently silent and thus taken for advantage.

Leaders supported the movement to compensation, urging sober approach upon the initiative that is supported by the Constitution of Kenya on articles 40(6), 66(2) and 67 COK.

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1. Do you think its right for Nandi Community to seek Compensation for historical injustices?

2. What is the measure for compensation to Nandi Community and how soon will this kick off?

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